In the course of our yesterday’s devaluation of Gran Turismo 7, within the rating Community, the question of why metacritically states a rating of 88 points, so there was no deduction.

In order to bring a little light into the darkness, not only here is the reason for this, but also how the scoring system works behind the aggregator website and also how the submission of a test rating of rating expires.

What is Metacritic? Here, tests of magazines and blogs from a certain range and size are listed clearly on product pages, and an international score is created on a scale of 0-100 points for the respective game. Registered users also have the opportunity to write a review, so also to evaluate the game. This creates a user score equal to the press score. In addition to games, films, series, but also music albums are also evaluated on Metacrit.

Why can not you customize your Metacritan?

We come to the most important question first, which is based on a quite simple answer: ratings can only be submitted by the magazines only a single time , which usually – so also at Gran Turismo 7 – to the case of test embargo a few days before Release happens. The submitted rating of 88 points, as well as the quote from the test, are thus fixed and can not be changed later. For clarity, colleague Tobi has asked for Metacrit, whether this rule continues:

Thank you Tobi and yes, that’s correct. We only take the first official rating. But if, for example, a special edition appear, we create a new page for you.

Why are customizations not allowed? In a detailed FAQ, the operator of Metacrit also call the reason why subsequent adjustments are not allowed. Thus, later external influences on the subjects should not be considered. According to the corresponding paragraph, “Magazines were put under pressure to subsequently adjust ratings to satisfy external influences”. This means a publisher and developer, but also the pressure of the players meant.

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This is as sad as understandable, gives in the case of a later positive and negative change in the game, as in the case of Gran Turismo 7, but also not the possibility to match the current state of the game on Metacritic. In the case of cyberpunk 2077, which was tested exclusively on PC for the case of the test embargo, a distorted image is created with views of the console version. Also, since only a rating may be submitted.

How values ​​metacritic?

Often we are mistakenly assumed that Metacritic simply takes the average of all submitted scores. Means: values ​​ten outlets with a 10/10, ten others with a 0/10, resulted from a score of 50 points. That’s wrong!

Rating is weighted: Although Metacrit stops the valid formula under closure, commenting on the issue of the delivery of the weighting of the individual pages only with an “absolutely not”, but the following official statement is known:

The metascore is a weighted average, in which we give more relevance and weight to some reviews and publications based on their quality and format.

Therefore, it is very likely that the score of international sizes such as IGN, Game Informer and Co. are heavily weighted due to their higher international range of higher weights, minor blogs, on the other hand, less strongly. Which reviews are admitted , Metacritic is determined once a year.

How is rating communicating the rating to Metacritic?

Finally, I want to give you a small internal insight that is a little complex, for some of you but maybe quite interesting. In addition, the info about how rating is generally evaluated.

How is the rating rating? Contrary to some assumption, the ratings on rating have nothing mean with the following picture:

Rather, the respective evaluation of the tester or the tester of the respective game is responsible. In the case of GT7 so Tobi. If the game is tested by several people at the same time – GT7, for example, Tobi and I played before the release – of course we talk about the final rating. In addition, the correction must be taken to ensure that the written article fits on the rating. To correct the tests, rating is primarily, Kai and Markus, but also rating editor-in-chief editor Rae.

A more detailed explanation, why the genre, the context and much more in the rating also play a role, can be found in our rating FAQ.

Submission to Metacritic: The process is explained quite quickly. If the rating, the short test conceit from the score box and the URL of the test side, will send Tobi the info by e-mail to the operators of Metakritic. If that does not happen because Tobi has forgotten or other circumstances have occurred, the page also takes the information itself. On Open Critic, the process is generally fully automatic. It also happens that Metacrit’s rating also asks in advance whether a test is written to a certain game. If you still have questions about metacritic and tests on rating, then always.