As a clear outsider, the Bengals had come to the Arrowhead Stadium, the loudest stadium in the world. Nevertheless, they wanted to perform at the Chiefs with healthy self-confidence. But it did not bring anything at the beginning: because right after the kickoff, Cincinnati was immediately stopped by a motivated defense from Kansas City, playmaker Joe Burrov or his top receiver Ja’Marr Chase were taken out of the game. The fans did with loud roar their rest, which communicate fell heavily on the attackers of the guests.

Dream start for the Chiefs

And as in the episode Star Quarterback Patrick Mahomes a fantastic drive over 84 yards, including minutes of time control on the lawn, conjured it with a fine 10-yard touchdown pass to the barely convertible and pillfast Tyreek Hill, the viewer knew directly, Which team here the Lord was in the ring. The Chiefs led 7: 0 in their fourth AFC final in front of a local backdrop (NFL record), while Bengals succeeded the first First Down only five minutes before the end of the first quarter. Because little later at the first “Red Zone” arrival, Receiver tea Higgins did not make a difficult touchdown catch, his pendant Chase Top was covered and only a Field Goal from 32 yards to 3: 7 was the result, took a possible one Cincy disaster forms.

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# 3: Who will make it in the Super Bowl? Chiefs vs. Bengals, 49ers vs. Rams

Wild, dramatic, NFL. In episode 3 of the new “Icing the Super Bowl” podcast in cooperation between the Super Bowl and footballing, we look at the playoff duels in the NFL. After the wrong Divisional Games consequences next Sunday (30.1.) Now the Conference Championship Games. The Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers are. Detti, Shuan, André and Kucze look ahead on the NFL “semi-final” and at the end of each return their results. The next episode of “Icing The Super Bowl” – this time then with a view of the Super Bowl – there are already coming Thursday. Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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Only right when the Chiefs booked the next score directly with her second Astreinen Drive: Mahomes dreamed the first wide pass (44 yards on the likewise pillfast Mecole Hardman), marriage the “missile arm” of the NFL printing of the front line Many elegant hooks out and then relaxed for five yards to Travis Kelce in the end zone – it was 14: 3 and it was not apparent how Cincinnati wanted that day against this machinery from Kansas City.

Sporting horrors for Cincy and a new hope

The difference between the two playmakers at this time was at the time of the statistics crystal clear: while Mahomes had attached nine of his first ten passports for 115 yards and two touchdowns, Burrov struggled with six of 13 for Magere 28 yards.

And that should not change it: At the guests, the following drive was cooled directly back into a bitter “three and out”, on the other side, the Express rolled again like wildly on it. This time Hardman for three yards began a simple pass right near the side line of Mahomes, his hands had to turn his hands back to the end zone for the present 21: 3 routes.

No means could be found for the “Bengal Tiger”, no approach worked – offensive as defensive. It was a sporty offset after a so far outstandingly successful season including the first AFC-North title since 2015, first play-off win for 31 years and first AFC final participation for 33 years. But more just was not in it, the wall in Kansas City proved to be insurmountable. There was also a great run over a proud 41 yards from Running Back Samaje Perine to the 10: 21 connection Nothing, Mahomes then headed his troupe again over the entire field (79 yards) within the last minute of the second quarter.

Bengals finally arrive, Chiefs weakly weaken

But because points left, Cincy adopted next to the 10: 21 port, after all, another psychological extra success with the catacombs. It was clear: something had to be considered at the booth of 10:21. And it should be better in fact…

Bengals and Chiefs Fan reactions to Bengals going to the Super Bowl
Needed with the Bengals at the Chiefs long, then Patrick Mahomes delivered a fight: Joe Burrow. Getty Images

… on both sides of the ball: Directly to the start of the third quarter, the fire-hazardous open lance was stopped around Mahomes, Kelce and Hill. In addition, more and more good actions scattered in their own open speech, starting with another ordinary Drive including Field Goal from 31 yards from Rookie-Super Bowl Evan McPherson to 13:21. But not enough: the defense then made perfect pressure on Mahomes and scored an interception, which was at the same time the first thick mistake of a player in this game. The challenger from the AFC North with a TouchDown Drive (Great Catch of Top-Receiver Chase) with a successful Two Point Conversion to the highest surprising 21: 21 balance.

Suddenly the momentum was clearly on Bengals side, especially since Mahomes & Co. had to punt again. Also the first huge faux pas of Burrow (interception in the arms of Cornerback L’Jarius Sneed) did not abort, because at K.C. Was the worm long. It was punt again, while Burrov now was hot with his legs. With some strong runs, the Sophomore (second NFL year) led his colors over the field, marriage “Kid” McPherson converted with his 22 years of ice cold from 52 yards – and suddenly it was called from Cincinnatis view after initial 3: 21 residue 24: 21. An incredible and just after the dominant start of hosts in the Arrowhead for almost impossible catching up hunting had adopted solid forms.

Pure drama at the end with fumble, Field Goal and extension

Also, the renewed coin for renewal did not help this time: Patrick Mahomes missed the third Super Bowl entry with the Chiefs. Getty Images

However, there was still plenty of time at the clock – and right here the Chiefs found themselves again. Kansas Citys Head Coach Andy Reid (63) Orchestrated his team skillfully with Mahome’s passports and running play over the field to the “Red Zone”. Arriving there precisely 90 seconds before the clock expires, a very important and narrow new First Down achieved. Thus, the host had everything in one’s own hand – three spaces included. But two risky scenes velvet fumble by Mahomes (saved by a teammate) led at the end of two seconds at the end of the game after 24:24 by Super Bowl Harrison Butker (44 yards).

As already a week before the perfect crazy 42:36 of the Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills, when there was again intensive overtime control discussions again, the extension had to make the decision. And again Kansas City won the coin toss, which loud jubiled screams from the ranks triggered. The fans were sure that a touchdown would follow. But it should come completely different: Although Cornerback Eli Apple missed a secure pick Six, after a wide Mahome’s storey as well as the rebound of Angelstation Hill, Safety fromn Bell grabbed the interception of Cincy Lautstark.

The big finale with McPherson

The facts was now clear: a solid drive including Field Goal – and the Super Bowl ticket would be solved. And that’s exactly how it should come. With solid plays, among other things, over the ground and Running Back Joe Mixon, the “Bengal Tiger” worked to the opposing 14-yard line – and from 31 yards, McPherson converted extremely sovereign. So that the ice-cold rookie Super Bowl had not only expanded its perfect balance in this play-offs (12 of 12) and set up a new NFL record, but much more important: his team in the Super Bowl to Los Angeles (Sofi Stadium in Glendale ) Shot at night from 13th to February 14th. An incredible end of a crazy game, the long faces on the favorite side surrounded around Mahomes (275 yards, three TDS, two int.). Burrow (250 yards, two TDS, an int.) Was again with his men’s bright man.

By the way, the “Bengal Tiger” turned back to the Great NFL final after 33 years (at that time in 1989 16:20 against the 49ers) – and only for the third time (21:26 in 1982 also against the Niners from San Francisco).