Established From the end of the crisis years, Ferrari hopes for the second season race on rich booty. After the double success of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz at kick-off in Bahrain, the Scuderia is also favorite in Saudi Arabia on the weekend again. The competition has a lot to work out, but the time is quite scarce.

What speaks for the next Ferrari altitude flight?

In Bahrain Winner Leclerc had the strongest car. The Italians have probably best used the upheaval, all other teams have more trouble with the rule reform with radically changed bolides. Especially the new Ferrari engine is currently acting like the new scale in the field. The customer teams Alfa Romeo and Haas are now significantly further in front than in previous years. The strong engine could give the rash on the ultrafast city course from Jeddah again for Ferrari.

How did Red Bull process the disaster of Bahrain?

World Champion Max Stapen and his team were almost at eye level with Ferrari. But defective gasoline pumps finished the race of stages and Sergio Perez shortly before the end. “Bahrain was hard, but I’m confident that this team and we will overcome that,” said the defending champion. Finally, the season was still long. The fact that Archrival Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell but with the currently inferior silver arrow benefited vigorously from the Red Bull Pech in addition. Just now would be the chance to depend early on the weakening series champion.

What has become a racing cancellation from the rumors?

Because Saudi Arabia leads to war in Yemen, the Yemeni Hutthi rebels had recently attacked goals in the kingdom. A plant of the oil company ARAMCO in Jeddah was also made. The energy giant is the main sponsor of the racing series. “This incident has no effect on the race weekend,” but the organizers of the Grand Prix said. All necessary measures for the security of the second Formula 1 guest performance in the city of the Red Sea had been taken, it was said.

Will Sebastian Vettel be fit again after his corona infection?

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This decides only at short notice on Friday before training. The 34-year-old Aston-Martin pilot was again positive on Thursday. His team does not give up hope. With a negative test on Friday, Vettel could still travel from his Swiss adopted home to Jeddah. Landsmann Nico Hülkenberg keeps himself ready again as a replacement. In Bahrain he had come as a 17th and last.