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Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham United 1: 0: Rip off SGE moves into the Europa League

Eintracht Frankfurt has moved into the final of the Europa League against West Ham United against West Ham United. The SGE won the first leg 2-1. In the final in Seville, the Hesse will meet the Rangers from Glasgow on May 18, which RB Leipzig defeated 3-1.

Raphael Borre (26th) provided the goal of the day. A few minutes before the 1-0, West Ham-United defender Aaron Cresswell had seen the red card after a foul as the last man (18th)

Immediately after the final whistle, incredible scenes took place, the Eintracht fans stormed the square. Some also ran towards the West Ham curve.

“It was an evening that you never forget. What the team did again today… she threw everything into the balance,” said Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner. “It was an incredible evening with our fans. I said to the team: I don’t know if you are the best players and I don’t know if we are the best coaches. But as a group we are extraordinary.”

Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham United: The constellations

Frankfurt: Trapp – Tuta, Hinteregger (8th Toure), Ndicka – Rode (76. Jakic), Sow, Knauff, Kostic, Haug (82. Hrustic), Kamada – Borre (83. Pacienca)

West Ham: Areola – Coufal (Yarmolenko), C. Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell – Rice, Soucek, Bowen, Lanzini (22nd Johnson), Pablo Fornals (74. Benrahma) – Antonio

Notes: This is the silent hero of the Frankfurt European success

Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham United: The analysis

Compared to the first leg, Glasner exchanged twice: the Lindström, which was recovered in time, replaced the injured Haug, Ndicka slipped in for Tour. But after four minutes, Frankfurt’s plans had discarded themselves because Martin Hinteregger was unhappily injured by the thigh after a sprint duel. After minutes of treatment, the Austrian tried to continue, but had to leave the place a little later.

However, this did not change the game system of Eintracht. The SGE acted in the usual 3-4-3, while the guests from London kept up with a 4-2-3-1. Despite the deficit from the first leg, West Ham left the ball to the hosts. Apart from the loud setting, it remained calm in the early minutes before Cresswell saw the red card after an emergency brake against Haug.

Shortly thereafter, Frankfurt converted his outnumbered in countable: Borre met Knauff after an exemplary cross from Knauff with the first dangerous conclusion of the game to the lead. The hammers switched to a 4-4-1 before the goal, but were still noticeably unsettled. Despite a few promising attacks, Eintracht missed the second goal before the break. Ndicka even prevented the more than undeserved balance with a rescue act on the line (44.).

Even after the change of sides, Eintracht was the game -determining team. Kostic made steam on the left, but its sharp crossings were lacking in precision. There was no good chances in the second half, which was shaped by little highlights, the well -placed defensive also suffocated in the germ.

Network reactions: “Stormsturm because Leipzig has left?”

Eintracht Frankfurt – West Ham United: The data of the game

Gate: 1: 0 Borre (26th)

Red card: Cresswell (18th/west Ham)

Income: West Ham trainer Moyes saw the red card for Meckerns (78.)

Komplette Choreo der Ultras Frankfurt | Eintracht Frankfurt - West Ham United 1:0 | 05.05.2022
* Borre was directly involved in at least one goal in the Europa League in each of his last 3 games (two goals, an assist).
* Cresswell is the second player of West Ham United, who sees red in this Europa League season, the first since April 7, 2022 against Olympique Lyon.

  • Eintracht Frankfurt scored twelve goals in the first half in twelve games this season – more is the Glasgow Rangers (13).

The star of the game: Evan Ndicka (Eintracht Frankfurt)

Had no direct opponent and was able to concentrate on the structure. But when it came to the duel, there was no way. Very important in the 44th minute when he clarified on the line after a corner. A strong performance.

The flop of the game: Aaron Cresswell (West Ham United)

Provided his team with the early dismissal. The game tipped over with the red card, West Ham hardly got anything. Without his intervention, Hauge would have had the huge chance to take the lead, but it was by no means worth it with a view to the minutes to be played.

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The referee: Jesus Gil Manzano (Spain)

Met the gold that Cresswell’s foul made to look again on the screen and then put the left -back from the square.
Otherwise, the Spaniard experienced a quiet evening, which was also due to its clear line.

As Diafra Sakho, after his change from West Ham United to Rennes, left a Lamborghini

Diafra Sakho was awarded to Stade Rennes in 2018 from West Ham United to France. Back, Senegalese had a sports car worth around 250,000 euros.

Diafra Sakho | West Ham United 2014/15
It was in January 2018, when Diafra Sakho was borrowed from the Premier League Club West Ham United to Stade Rennes to Ligue 1. In modern soccer everyday life, nothing is not exceptional if a player changes the club at the end of the transfer period.

Exceptional is the history of Sakhos change only through the subject, which of the Senegalese probably also because of the fast departure on the training ground of West Ham United.

It was not about a jersey or a few discarded football boots, not at a clock, the Sakho forgot in his locker in the dressing room. Sakho simply left his Lamborghini worth around 250,000 euros in the association grounds.

“He had just bought the car and then just left,” an anonymous source wondered from the ranks of the 2018 club in the Daily Mail.

Sakhos car stands for months at the training area

Sakho apparently had a fondness for Lamborghinis, but he did not treat the luxury cars but not very careful: the then 28-year-old Senegalese did not only return the His rider on the training area in 2018, in 2016 he also destroyed one of the Italian super sports cars in an accident in Hornchurch.

Even months after Sakho West Ham United had left, the car was still on the training ground. He thought it was probably not necessary to bring him to France. What happened to the car after that is not traded.

Of course, a story like the Sakho and its left-back Lamborghini was a found eating for those who wanted to criticize the high salaries of footballers and their dissipating lifestyle. In 2018, the Daily Mail wrote in an article on the incident: “The gigantic revenue of the Premier League football enabled an average striker to have the idea to leave a 250,000 euro vehicle, because it’s the effort to take it, easy Not worth it. “

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After changing to France, Sakho disappeared in the sinking, his current club is to be AS Arta / Solar 7 in Djibouti. Whether he comes there with a Lamborghini for training, is unclear.

Yarmolenko misses West Ham in Liverpool: “Not ready”

“He trains, but he will not travel to Liverpool with us. I do not think he’s ready.” This statement by West Ham United’s Coach David Moyes makes a clear: Mental is offensive yarmolenko, just not able to play football. Thus, the offensive man will miss the guest performance of the fifth of the Premier League at the second FC Liverpool (Saturday, 6.30 pm, live! At Coach David).

West Ham would like Yarmolenko “give every opportunity to do everything for his country”

Ukraine and West Ham forward Andriy Yarmolenko is not ready to return

“We want to give him every opportunity to do everything for his family and land,” guided coach Moyes and said that all in the association’s 32-year-old “constantly ask if we can do something”. The full support looks at the ex-Dortmund just not.

Why is you sitting like the stupid and say nothing?

Andrey Yarmolenkos ask for the Russian national player

Due to the location in Ukraine, Yarmolenko last made a clear question to Russian international. “Guys, why are you sitting like the stupid and says nothing? In my country, they kill – but they commented nothing,” the Ukrainian criticized in the face of Russia’s attack.

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FC Bayern now retains premier League star

Despite numerous change rumors, Raphinha has remained in the winter transfer period at Leeds United. In the coming summer, the wing player could actually dare the next step. FC Bayern apparently continues to be interested in a commitment of the Brazilian.

As “image” football boss Christian Falk reports, Raphinha is still on the note at FC Bayern.

Accordingly, the Munich keeps an eye on the 25-year-old, as the contractuals with Serge Gnabry last.

The German international is still bound by 2023 to the record champion. According to “Leeds United Picture” there is currently “standstill” in the negotiations between FC Bayern and Gnabry. Stand now the Munich could only achieve an adequate transfer fee for Gnabry in the summer.

For Raphina, however, FC Bayern would probably have to reach extremely deep into the pocket. In the past transfer period Leeds allegedly rejected an offer over about 50 million euros from League Competitor West Ham United.

FC Bayern: Transfer Flirt Raphinha meets for Brazil

No wonder, given by Raphinhas importance. In the current season, he already achieved eight gates in 20 competitive games for the team of coach Marcelo Bielsa.

Meanwhile, the outer railway player is also an integral part of the Brazilian national team. Only on Wednesday Raphinha met the 4-0 success of the Selecao in the World Cup qualifier against Paraguay to 1: 0 lead in the 28th minute.

“We fought back, we played well” | Dan James | Aston Villa 3-3 Leeds United

Despite the great interest, Leeds United is currently not forced to sell the Tempodribbler. Finally, Raphinhas working paper is dated by the English first division until 2024.

Thus, FC Bayern, West Ham or other interested parties would probably be attracted with a lot of money to break the Brazilian from Leeds United.

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