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After a strong first half: Mannheim wins against Duisburg

Waldhof coach Patrick Glöckner was forced to change compared to the 2-1 win in Osnabrück: Höger started for the yellow-blocked Costly. For this, Rossipal moved to the right-back position.

Duisburg’s coach Hagen Schmidt made three changes after the 0: 6 home bankruptcy against 1860 Munich. One personnel particularly surprised: Bakir replaced captain Stoppelkamp, who initially took a seat on the bench. Furthermore, Stierlin and Gembalies for Bakalorz and Pusch (both bank) started.

Seegert puts Mannheim in the lead early

In the initial phase, the MSV was noticeable due to the two past defeats – Waldhof dominated the game from the first minute and rewarded himself with the early lead: Seegert’s header still parried wine purchase, but was powerless against the clerk of the central defender (7. ).

Even after the goal, the Meidericher did not wake up, so that it was only possible to go to the gate of wine buying – the Mannheimers often tried it from a distance. One of these attempts was successful in the 34th minute: Kother’s shot struck in the right corner.

Yeboah does not accept two gifts

The game then picked up speed, also because the home side Yeboah invited twice to score. However, the MSV attacker made no capital from the mistakes of Königsmann (35th) and Seegert (41.) in the development game. The SV Waldhof was much more efficient on the opposite side. After Weinkauf Martinovic’s shot was still steering on the crossbar (43.), the goalkeeper had to give up at the subsequent corner of the Verlaat header (44.) – with the 3-0 we took the break.

In the second half, little changed in the game. Shortly after the restart, the home fans cheered again. However, Martinovic’s goal was whipped down due to an offside position (47th). However, since the Badeners switched down a gear in round two, the Duisburgers came to good opportunities. Bouhaddouz appeared twice on the five -meter line, but first hit an air hole (51st) and the second time Donkor threw himself into the shot (64th).

Ajanis hits comes too late

After that, except for a Martinovic chance that parried wine buying (66.), nothing for a long time, until Ajani took a heart and scored the honor goal with Schlenzer (84.). Since Pusch only hit the crossbar in added time, it remained 1: 3.

Waldhof Mannheim vs. MSV Duisburg 4-3 | Full Game | 3rd Division 2019/20 | Matchday 6
Due to the defeat, the Duisburgers missed the direct relegation and only have a two-point lead in 17th place., Which the SC Verb is involved (both teams meet directly on the last match day). Waldhof, on the other hand, continues in the race for fourth place: the gap to 1860 Munich is only two points.

Next Saturday (2 p.m.) the Waldhof will compete in Wiesbaden for the 37th matchday, at the same time the MSV receives the Freiburg U 23.

My role models were Gerd Müller and Fritz Walter

Since 1969, the Waldhof gives the scorer cannon to the most successful Bundesliga striker of the season. Now there is also a trophy in the amateur area. That’s the current state until the 11th League. In our interview series, legendary scorers speak about their career. Today: Fritz Walter.

Which club did you start to kick?

At the SG Hohensachsen, in a district of Weinheim. Sepp Herberger was used to. I often saw him in the morning when he ran to the baker. My parents were friends with Herbergers and often invited coffee. So I got to know the Great Fritz Walter. He gave me the trophy after a winning youth tournament. “Well played”, he told me, “keep it up, but think of it, the most important thing is the school.” Later I even had joint autograph lessons with him.

Have you been a gateger as a child?

Yes indeed. I already shot as young goals on the assembly line.

Did you have a role model?

I had two. As a footballer it was Gerd Müller, as a human Fritz Walter.

Which was your most important goal?

Probably my transformed penalty for the VfB Stuttgart on the last matchday 1992. It was the 1: 1, through Guido Buchwald’s header we won 2: 1 and were masters. And I was a goalkeeper king.

Bundesliga | Tribute to Gerd Müller

An outstanding midfielder who has set me great in scene, and a real friend until today.

Fritz Walter about Maurizio Gaudino

Who was her best teammate?

The Mauri. Maurizio Gaudino. We have played a lot of years for Waldhof and the VfB. An outstanding midfielder who has set me great in scene, and a real friend until today.

Who was their best opponent?

There were some who went the bone hard to the point. Spontaneously, I remember the Bremer Uli Borowka. He also made me a compliment when he said in an interview: “The Fritz has always come back?…” I was very impressed with me how Uli has received his health problems again and has come back.

Which opposing goalkeeper was the best?

I had respect for Gerry Ehrmann, Toni Schumacher and Oliver Kahn. In which a certain security distance was not wrong.

I have always completed quickly and directly and had a hard shot.

Fritz Walter about his strengths

What was your strength?

In front of the gate I was freezing cold. I could withdraw right and left, was not bad with the head. I have always completed quickly and directly and had a hard shot.

What was your weakness?

I was too quiet and restrained in terms of self-marketing. Otherwise I would have denied one or the other international match.

Who is the best scorer of all time?

In the Bundesliga surely Robert Lewandowski and Gerd Müller. Lewandowski is outstanding. Body, technology, setting, just complete.

Which amateur club are you still connected?

Currently no, last but not least because of Corona.

Are you still kicking?

No, I finished the active football career a few years ago.

Where is your goalkeeper cannon?

In the living room, always nice lighted in the evening. I am pleased every time I see her.

Fritz Walter asked the legendary question “Where Isch Moi canon?” Picture alliance / dpa

Fritz Walter played for the SG Hohensachsen, the FV Weinheim, Waldhof Mannheim, the VFB Stuttgart, Arminia Bielefeld and the SSV Ulm 1846. He played 348 Bundesliga pair for Waldhof, the VfB and Bielefeld, in which he scored 157 goals. He stands in the eternal leader in rank 15. In 1992 he became German masters with the Stuttgarten German Master and 22 hits. His question “Where Isch Moi canon?” is legendary.

_ With the VFB, he then won the SuperCup (3: 1 against Cup winner Hannover 96). In 1989, the Swabia in the UEFA Cup final against Diego Maradonas SSC Naples were short inferior (1: 2/3: 3). One year before Fritz Walter won the bronze medal with the German Olympic selection in Seoul. In the 2nd league, the 1.72 m gave striker for Waldhof, Bielefeld and Ulm 103 games (53 goals). With Waldhof he got up in 1983 in the Bundesliga and contributed 21 results. In the 1995/96 season, he scored 21 goals for promoted Arminia and became second league scorer king._

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