Sony offers you today the new system update for PlayStation 5 (22.01-05.00) and PlayStation 4 (9.5) for download. On board, some innovations that have already been tested in a beta, and we’ll introduce you to you again.

The long-awaited support for the variable Refresh rate (VRR) is unfortunately not included – but there is a small update, when the promising technology finally finds its way to the PS5 (via

That’s in the new playstation update

Optimization of the user interface: After downloading, a whole series of innovations are waiting for you in the PlayStation system. Including also various functions for accessibility, such as the use of mono audio via headphones.

New PS5 Update Improves Performance Version 22.01-05.00.00 Firmware ???? PlayStation 5 News 2022
In addition, you can now make game presets for all tracks, fix videos and apps during the gambling on the screen and share your screen with others. How it all works, explain the new “professional tips cards” in the Control Center of the PlayStation system.

New chat options: Speech chats are now parties and can be labeled on PS5 and PS4 as “open” or “closed”:

  • Closed chat: Only via invitations can be participated.
  • Open chat: No invitations are needed. Who stands on your friends list can easily join.

In addition, you can now sit on the PS4 individual people in a chat louder and quieter. On the PS5 that was already possible before the update.

Improving the PS App: The new chat options also hold on the PlayStation accompanying app. For this purpose, the user interface was adjusted, which also offers you a new “Dark-Mode”. Last but not least, PS Remote Play contains a whole series of new languages with the update.

Waiting for VRR continues

No, VRR is not included in the latest update – “Shortly” should follow the function according to Sony. If you have a TV with HDMI 2.1 connector, you can use a variable refresh rate on the PS5 in a few months. This option can be used on supported games (old titles can be made compatible with a patch) and applied to unsupported games. Even with the latter, this can lead to better video quality.

More about VRR you will learn here:

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PS5 update brings VRR later, but what is that?


What is VRR at all? The variable Refresh rate can synchronize the refresh rates of your console with those of your screen. Thus, among other things, so-called screen tearing is to be avoided, which arises that images on the console are calculated faster than they can be represented by the TV. The result are horizontal strips and shifts in the image that can affect disturbing.

Which new function for PS5 or PS4 do you like the best?