“He trains, but he will not travel to Liverpool with us. I do not think he’s ready.” This statement by West Ham United’s Coach David Moyes makes a clear: Mental is offensive yarmolenko, just not able to play football. Thus, the offensive man will miss the guest performance of the fifth of the Premier League at the second FC Liverpool (Saturday, 6.30 pm, live! At Coach David).

West Ham would like Yarmolenko “give every opportunity to do everything for his country”

Ukraine and West Ham forward Andriy Yarmolenko is not ready to return

“We want to give him every opportunity to do everything for his family and land,” guided coach Moyes and said that all in the association’s 32-year-old “constantly ask if we can do something”. The full support looks at the ex-Dortmund just not.

Why is you sitting like the stupid and say nothing?

Andrey Yarmolenkos ask for the Russian national player

Due to the location in Ukraine, Yarmolenko last made a clear question to Russian international. “Guys, why are you sitting like the stupid and says nothing? In my country, they kill – but they commented nothing,” the Ukrainian criticized in the face of Russia’s attack.

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