The new Uncharted film, which premiered on February 11, has had the best premiere at the ticket office of what we have in 2022. In total, it has raised about 3 million euros on its first weekend in theaters.

UNCHARTED Travel Vlog - Spain

The film has Tom Holland as a protagonist in the role of Nathan Drake. Criticism, however, have not been very buoyant: right now it has 51% in Rotten Tomatoes, with virtually all critics coinciding in that the film has good actors, but not particularly a good adaptation of the original material.

Other comments are less friendly, and point out that the very notorious relationship between Nate and Sully that so many fans worship in videogames is not entirely present in the film.

Regarding the figures, the premiere has been powerful in a similar way in other countries such as the United Kingdom; In total, it has already collected 21’5 million dollars, in the absence of its premiere in markets as important as the United States, Australia or Canada.