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Contraband: Civil Liberties to the Brand of Microsoft asked for

Last Thursday, Microsoft applied for the legal rights on the name Contraband for computer game as well as software program from the United States workplace for patents and brands.
Contraband was introduced last year.
The game is developed solely for the Xbox from Avalanche Studios (Just Trigger series).
Very little is learnt about Contraband.
Over 150 people service the game at Avalanche, where vehicle battles are to be in the foreground.
The current application for security of trademark legal rights can be a sign that there will quickly be news about the game.

Freiburgs Haberer before switching to Union

“It looks like – it is not yet stipulated so far – the Janik is most likely leaving the club and is looking for a new challenge,” said Christian Streich last Thursday: “This is okay. He played here for many years. He worked fully for us and we were fully committed to him. “

Janik Haberer wechselt zu Union Berlin!

also interested in Cologne, Mainz and Schalke – Union is probably making the race

In the future, Haberer will work for another club and will probably stay in the Bundesliga. For a long time, among other things, Bochum seemed promising in the race to be the 2017 U-21 European champion. For VfL, the midfielder had completed 33 missions as a rental of TSG Hoffenheim in the 2015/16 second division season, and had also performed as a scorer with three goals and five assists.

There were talks with those responsible for VfL about a possible return. But as the Thursday learned from the Bochum environment, the club ultimately had to accept a cancellation because Haberer wanted to open a whole new chapter. While, according to Thursday information, Cologne, Mainz and Schalke were interested in Haberer, the signs that the 28-year-old are moving to the capital are now condensed.

before reunion with Heintz

A move to 1. FC Union Berlin, whose 4-1 triumph in Freiburg Haberer followed on Saturday, should be imminent at short notice. Haberer would meet his long-time team-mate Dominique Heintz, who had already moved from Breisgau to Berlin-Köpenick in winter. Haberer has played 169 competitive games for the sports club since 2016 and scored 13 goals.

Halo: the series explodes paramount +, a recording record, here are the numbers

Launched on March 24 on Paramount + in the United States with a first episode of 59 minutes, the Halo series is experiencing a huge success on the platform. If no official figure has yet been unveiled, however, the Deadline newspaper reveals that it is the best startup for a series on Paramount +, so dethroning “1883”, released last December and is none other than the Prequelle Yellowst1. When we know that 1883 had attracted 4.9 million viewers when it is disseminated, it can indeed note that the platform has done well on Halo, whose creation process had started at the very beginning with Showtime before switching. At Paramount +. We imagine that Microsoft’s thumb with the integration of Paramount + in the Xbox Game Pass probably help the series took off, but although it happens, within the American company, we welcome such a Launch, as precise Tanya Giles, Chief Programming Officer at Paramount +:

Giving Life in Halo as a streaming series has been one of Paramount +’s most rewarding efforts to date, and we could not be delighted with the massive craze of the fans for the beginnings of the series. With our incredible partners that are Showtime, 343 Industries and Amblin Television, we look forward to the fans more discovered this incredible universe.

Let’s hope that the interest around the series is maintained for the next episodes, which will be put online up to an episode per week, knowing that each of them will be about 60 minutes. With a total of 9 episodes, there is something well developed the lore, the characters and install real political issues. It is reminded that it is Steven Spielberg in person who is at the post of producer and who has always supported the project since its inception. The history of the series resumes that of the video game, by opposing human beings to the covenants, a hostile extraterrestrial race and extremely powerful and technologically advanced. Only the spartans, elite soldiers with superhuman abilities, are able to cope with them. It is Pablo Schreiber who holds the role of the Master Chief, also known as Spartan-117, Natascha Mcelathon plays Dr. Halsey, the one who is at the topin of the Spartan Super Soldiers, while it’s the Actress Jen Taylor who embodies Cortana, the IA who accompanies the Master Chief.

Here is the date of diffusion of each of the 9 episodes of halo the series:

Halo The Series | Makee Is The Blessed One | Paramount+
Episode 1 “Contact”: Thursday 24 March 2022
EPISODE 2 “UNBOUND”: Thursday, March 31, 2022
Episode 3: Thursday, April 7, 2022
Episode 4: Thursday, April 14, 2022
Episode 5: Thursday, April 21, 2022
Episode 7: Thursday, May 5, 2022
Episode 8: Thursday 12 May 2022
Episode 9: Thursday, May 19 2022

Bitters message for Crailsheim: Season ended for shorts

PURE MAGIC #1 | A German Basketball Documentary
Shorts attracted himself in the European Cup a tore of the chest muscle tendon and must be expected to operate how Merlins announced on Thursday. The 24-year-old American, who achieves 20.6 points per game in the current league season and thus more than any other actor will be for the rest of the season. “We are very sad about this news. TJ would have had it more than just deserving to finish his great season athletic. Now it’s time to hold more than a team together and to wish TJ a good improvement with fast recovery,” said the sporty Head of Ingo Enskat. Shorts was also considered a candidate for the award as the most valuable player of the Bundesliga with its outstanding achievements. Further investigations for specialists are available for shorts in the coming days.

Suspicion of infidelity: house search at the DFB

This communicated the authority and confirmed house searches in the DFB headquarters, the privilege of former official and in business premises of five companies on Thursday.

First, the ZDF had reported from the house searches. “On behalf of the DFB, a former manager of DFB shall conclude a service contract with a communication agency. Due to this Treaty, the DFB should have paid a total of 360,000 euros to the communication agency,” said the prosecutor’s office. “The contract should have traded a mere discharge contract.”

70 officials involved in five federal states

The name of the former official did not call the authority. Due to the suspicion of the aid for infidelity is also determined against a responsible person of the communication agency. A total of around 70 officials were involved in the searches in Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin and Bremen.

adidas DFB (See the inception)
Thus, before its Bundestag next Friday in Bonn, the election of the new President is again in the viewpoint of official investigation. In November 2021, the prosecutor had taken due to the accusation of tax evasion documents from the headquarters of Sponsor Adidas. According to media reports, it was about the taxation of material donations due to the long-standing DFB sponsor between 2015 and 2020.

Control procedure against chef set

In October 2020, in another case, the business premises of the DFB had been searched in the Frankfurt Otto-Speck-Schweise as well as private homes of multiple officials of tax assets. It was about the taxation of the revenue from gang advertising in home games of the national team in the years 2014 and 2015. The DFB was escaped a taxation of about 4.7 million euros, the investigators had notified at the time.

At the end of October this year, the public prosecutor’s office set the tax procedure against the DFB interim boss Rainer Koch but. The President of the Bavarian Football Association also includes the UEFA executive. Before that, the procedures were already set against the former DFB peak functional Reinhard Rauball and Helmut Sandrock. A total of six officials had been accused of tax evasion in particularly serious cases.

Conference League: Does Rapid have to ran against Vitesse in the hall?

For the players of the SK Rapid, the awayivism against Vitesse Arnheim on Thursday (21:00 clock) could become a special experience in a closed stadium. Does Vitesse Arnhem attract the stadium roof against Rapid on Thursday? The Gelredome in Arnhem is considered a modern stadium. Find space 21,500 spectators. And especially good is the acoustics when the roof is closed. “The stadium is really cool, as it feels like in a hall. It does not echo, there is no echo,” enthuses Vitesse legionnaire Adrian Grbic in the Krone. “For this purpose, it is practical that it will never be cold with the roof to be made. Then the jacket and gloves are pulled off while warming up.” Articles and videos about the topic * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. “Mostly is great atmosphere,” finds Grbic. “Our fans are really cool. When they celebrated in Nijmegen in October in Nijmegs with their team, a part of the tribune collapsed. Luckily there were no injured.”

FC Barcelona – Xavi clears: Dembele plays when it is needed

Ousmane Dembele could be used on Thursday for the first time since the beginning of the transfers around his person in this January again in a home game of FC Barcelona. This revealed Barca coach Xavi at the press conference in front of the playoff first leg in the Europa League against the SSC Naples.

“We do not realize that he can play at home or outwards. Whether he plays or not, depends only on how players exercise and who is better or worse. He can play,” Xavi said that Dembel said in The first eleven could stand.

Dembele celebrated his comeback last Saturday after several weeks of abstinence. In the game in the Primera Divison against local rival Espanyol, the Frenchman was replaced by 18 minutes before the end of the game.

FC Barcelona: Dembele rejected contract extension

Barcelona Latest: Xavi open to the idea of playing Dembele, Laporta disagrees with him

The contract of the 24-year-old striker at the Bluegranana runs out after the end of this season. An offer for the contract extension he struck, whereupon the FC Barcelona informed him that he should abandon the club as far as possible in the winter transfer window – also to receive a transfer fee. Dembele was no longer in the Barca squad.

There was no change until 31st January. Now Xavi believes that Dembele can play an important role in the course of the season. “He will certainly help us to the end of the season because he is a great player. He belongs to the squad and will play when we need him,” Xavi said.

Articles and videos about the topic
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* Xavi after victory: “Brilliant to Alves-Place reference”
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Dembele moved in 2017 for a transfer fee of 105 million euros from Borussia Dortmund to FC Barcelona. Since then he scored 18 goals for the Bluegrana in 81 competitive games.

Goku steals the attention of the day parade Thanksgiving

The United States Chess Championship (Short United States Chess Champion, German Chess Championship of the United States ) is an annual invitation competition in which a master is established amongst the chess gamers of the U.S.A. It ought to not be puzzled with the United States Open Chess Championship, the Open Chess Champion of the United States.
From 1909 to 1936 Frank Marshall was the acknowledged the best player in the US, who safeguarded his title in competitions against opposition. After leaving willingly, the national master was determined in tournaments from 1936, which were arranged by the United States Chess Federation. Up until 1999, the championship was held as a broadcast event with transforming client numbers. Between 1999 as well as 2006, the Seattle Chess Foundation (later: America’s Foundation for Chess) established the tournament for the Swiss system. After their retreat, the championship 2007 and 2008 in Stillwater, Oklahoma was played. Because 2009, the place in the Chess Club as well as Scholastic Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

As every year, the last Thursday of November is celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States. In addition to all the turkey that this festival represents, one of the most important media events is a parade where hundreds of balloons are exhibited by the city of New York. On this occasion, and as it is already a habit, Roku was present, and the fans are excited.

Are you also interested in topics related to United States Games?

While this parade began with figures of the popular culture of the United States. Since the 90 we have seen the inclusion of video game characters, such as Sonic and Pikachu, as well as anime. It is so Roku in its form of Super Sakhalin Blue traveled the streets of New York.

Without a doubt, this is a great event for fans. Along with the incredible thing that is surely to admire a giant figure of Roku to surf the heavens, This also demonstrates the popularity of the anime in the United States. It would not be a surprise to see that in a future characters like Janeiro or Naruto they also join this parade.

On related topics, the anime of Dragon Ball Z will return to Canal 5. Similarly, we already know when the beta of Dragon Ball will be held: The Breakers.

Editor’s note:

Dragonball Super Goku Balloon - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018

The Thanksgiving parade is one of the few events that are enjoyed worldwide, and that is mainly due to the characters that appear in the form of a giant balloon. However, they are the BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY offers, which always draw attention all over the world.

2g Is the amateur football standing before the next forced break

Donald John Trump [Dan.old Down Trump] (birthed June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York City, New York) is an American entrepreneur, performer and also political leader (Republican Event). He was from 2017 to 2021 of the 45th President of the USA.
Trump is the holder of the Mixed Group The Trump Organization and led this from 1971 to 2017 as chief executive officer. Despite its fortunate origin and also multiple corporate personal bankruptcies in the realty industry, he managed to make his name for the brand and also a synonym for the honest American Dream from 1990. As the host of the casting program The Apprentice program from 2004 to 2015, he came to be one of the most famous personalities in the USA.
Trump supported different political parties, however has been registered as a member of the Republicans because 2009. As their prospect he won the presidential political election in 2016 versus the democrat Hillary Clinton. Its diverse programs included components of populism, preservation, protectionism, financial liberalism and also isolationism. With a simple language style, intriguing utterances along with extreme suggestions, he brought in the interest of the media in a special method and also had an intensive use the brief answering service Twitter as its own median mouth piece. On 18 December 2019, the Residence of Representatives controlled by the Democrats initiated an official treatment procedure versus Trump with the allegation of power misuse and also the impairment of the Congress. On 5 February 2020 he was acquitted by the Republican dominated Us senate.

Best Amateur Football Goals! #07 - BEST OF 2020
At the governmental political election 2020, Trump joined his re-election, but lost Joe Biden against the Democrats. Even before notice of the election outcome, Trump had actually revealed not to accept a loss. According to not successful efforts to test the election outcome, he contacted January 6, 2021, in Washington, to name a few things to battle to bring us back to our country. Ultimately, hundreds of his fans stormed the Capitol, in which the political election result should be formally confirmed in a joint conference of the congress currently. The tornado, in which five individuals came around life, had no effect on the confirmation of Biden as a ballot winner, however brought about wonderful vibration in the political landscape of the United States. Against Trump, consequently, on 13 January 2021, a second official entertainment treatment was started because of incitement for outcry; This upright 13 February of the very same year likewise with an acquittal. Trump uses among American chroniclers as one of the least successful presidents of the United States. In the annual Presidential Chronicler Study of the television network C-SPAN, he completed 41st area in 2021 among 44 rated presidents.

Confederation and countries have also agreed at their meeting on Thursday for tightening Corona rules for the (amateur) sports: access should be limited from a certain threshold to vaccinated and geneses (2G). In the case of increasing numbers, these also need a negative test.

The countries will in future if the new hospitalization rate reported for the respective country exceeds the threshold 3 (explanation see below), restrict access to sporting events and exercises on vaccinated and geneses, it is under point 8 of the decisions published on Thursday night. As you know, two federal states have already made this step with Saxony and Thuringia — with the result that the respective associations have exposed their game operation. Whether other associations follow this example is, of course, is uncertain. A game operation under 2G rules is quite conceivable.

Should the threshold of 6 be exceeded, the 2G-Plus control enters into force — then vaccinated and recently need a negative corona test before sports exercise. From a value of 9, the federal states can still impose sharper action. If the threshold is fallen below five days in a row, the regulations can be reinvested. By the way, the rules should only apply to adults. Children and adolescents as well as persons who can not be vaccinated for health reasons are excluded from the measures. Compliance with the measures should be consistently and more intense than previously controlled.

What the threshold means

The threshold, which now inflows as a new value into the corona regulations, indicates the hospitalization rate in the respective federal states. It is calculated by the number of general hospital instructs from COVID-19 patients per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. The RKI announces the value usually from Monday to Fridays in the early afternoon (here is the current data — the hospitalization rate can be found under Federal States ). Stand Friday, twelve of the 16 federal states are already tearing the threshold 3rd leader Thuringia has even had a value of over 18. With which time limits the new rules according to respective border crossings came into force, has not yet been concretized.

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