DYING LIGHT PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO (PS5 4K 60fps) Update 1.39
Although Luxury dying 2 could be the great approach to the Techland developer at this time, the study has not forgotten at all those who could still be playing the original luz moribunda. In fact, it has even come so far as to throw today a new next-generation update for the game that will improve its quality for those at PlayStation 5. And although Xbox series X players will have to wait a little longer to receive this patch, Techland has promised that he will arrive soon.

Altogether, this new update for luz moribunda is completely free for those who already have the game at PlayStation 4 and add three new video modes to the title. One of these modes focuses on performance, which allows the game to run to 60 frames per second. The other brings Luxury moribunda at a resolution of 4K but maintains the frame rate blocked in 30 fps. Finally, the other mode of video seems to be a balance between the two, since it allows the game to run at 60 FPS with a QHD resolution.

What is perhaps the best part of this new update for the moribunda_ is that Techland has not only updated the game for PS5. Instead, this patch will also improve the open world game at the PLAYSTATION 4 PRO consoles. This update simply improves the limit of 30 fps on PS4 Pro platforms and nothing else, but it is still great to see that Techland is improving the game experience General in this console.

As mentioned, this same patch for the moribunda_ is also planned to implement on the Xbox series X and Xbox SERIES S at some point in the road. Techland has not specified when exactly the patch will be launched, but it seems that the owners of Xbox will not have to wait much more. If we hear more information about this update in the coming days, we will make sure to keep you informed here at comicbook.com.

Is this last generation update for Luxury moribunda Will you ask you to come back to the original game of the series? Or are you too busy trying to pass? Luxury dying 2 At this time? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.