Activision Blizzard announced that it will switch non-regular QA employees based on the United States to regular workers.

With this conversion, about 1,100 employees are converted to full-time, and the total full-time workforce of the activity is increased by 25%. QA employees are raised to $ 20 with full-time conversions, and they can receive all the bonuses provided by the company.

Mike Ibara representative of the executive officer Josh Tob and Blizzard Entertainment, formerly the executive officer of Activision, said this news to employees through email.

Josh Tap COO has been expanding and evolving Call of Duty for the past two years, and I have been exposed to the development cycle change, live service business expansion, and improvement of human resources across studios related to mobile. He said he was aware that QA is very important in these changes and future plans, and it is said that all QA employees in the United States are converted to full-time jobs.

Mike Ibara has also heard of QA employees for the past six months, and QA mentioned that QA was essential to ensure Blizzard quality and best play experience.

Activision Blizzard gives 1,100 QA testers full-time jobs and higher base pay | Engadget
This is a result of the staff of Raven Software, famous for the Call of Duty Series. Last December, Last December Raven Software QA team has entered the strike in the strike, including the 12 employees, including the 12 employees, which have received a contract. They then followed the help of the US Telecommunications Workers (CWA), resulting in a union game workers’ Federation (GWA).

Activision Blizzard Side is a statement that passed to foreigners, “We are providing a lot of content to players than ever before,” Activision Blizzard, which has been providing many contents than ever before, and to communicate teams to develop and deliver excellent game experiences. And we I am trimming that way. Activision Blizzard has an ambitious plan for the future, and QA team members are taking a very important part of it. “