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Dead Island 2 could finally launch this year

Isla dead 2 According to reports, it is not only happening, but its launch date apparently is not far away. The sequel of 2011 isla dead was announced in 2014. Unlike its predecessor, which was developed by Techland, the Polish studio that would continue to do to do moribunda_ and luz moribund 2isla dead 2 was being done by special compliance: the line_ developer yager Developing. However, in 2016, after development problems, the study was withdrawn from the game and replaced by digital summary, a team perhaps better known by campaña 3, sackboy: a great adventure and task of sonic racing_. However, Sumo Digital did not last long. And for a while, it was not clear what was happening with the game until 2019, Dambuster Studios, a team better known by the 2016 games. Homefront: The revolution – was assigned to its development. Since then, we have not heard a lot about the project and we have not seen a new revelation yet.

Unfortunately, we still do not have official details about the game, but we do have some unofficial details of privileged information and filtering industry, Tom Henderson. Just at the top, Henderson affirms that the development of the game is in good shape, which indicates that it will eventually happen. To this end, Henderson affirms that an official game update will be shared in the coming months with a launch that probably arrives at some time between the fourth quarter of 2022 and early 2023.

Will Dead Island 2 FINALLY Be Shown In 2022?
Speaking about the game itself, Henderson adds that, according to reports, it is very faithful to the first game, although Damuster Studios is making improvements where necessary. In addition to this, Henderson affirms that the scene of the original sequel has remained, which means that it takes place in California in several different places.

In general, this is the scope of the report, which has not yet obtained any response from Dambuster Studios, Deep Silver or anyone involved in the game. We do not expect this to change for a wide range of reasons, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two by making us know what you think or, alternatively, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ To talk about everything related to games. Are you still wishing to isla dead 2 After all these years?

PlayStation Studios: With Bungie, these are the 17 Internal Studies of Sony

The purchPlayStation Studiose agreement between Sony Interactive Entertain Ment and Bungie for 3.6 billion dollars is the lPlayStation Studiost purchPlayStation Studiose of the Japanese giant to reinforce the PlayStation Studios seal; While it will not be the definitive 1. If lPlayStation Studiost year we met the purchPlayStation Studiose of Housemarque (Retal), Nixxes Software (experts in PC PC), FireSprite (VR experts) and BluePoint Games (Unchart: The Nathan Drake Collection, the Remake of Shadow of the Colossus or Demon’s Souls ), now the study number 17 , Bungie, creators of Destiny and holders of a superlative knowledge PlayStation Studios well PlayStation Studios to Game Design PlayStation Studios Service and FPS is concerned. In addition, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sie, hPlayStation Studios confirmed that they will not stop here, but will continue to grow. Let’s review Who are and what each of the PlayStation studies are dedicated .

PlayStation Studios, Sony Seal in Videogames

The Sony Internal Studies Organization is attached by the PlayStation Studios seal, a diverse frame, with venues in several continents and with very different visions… although all with a shared philosophy. “PlayStation Studios is the thread that unites us all, with its strength and the adventurous spirit; the pPlayStation Studiossion to invent and reinvent; And the confidence to let the imagination mark the way, “they relate on his official web portal.

In addition, the purchPlayStation Studiose of Bungie will not be the lPlayStation Studiost, but still open to continue growing and expanding. It is what the videogame industry seems to be determined, with large companies acquiring less or larger size studies to reinforce their portfolios. If Xbox Game Studios now hPlayStation Studios more than 30 internal studies, PlayStation Studios continues to grow and raises that figure to 17 development teams .

All internal PlayStation Studios teams

Team PlayStation Studiosobi (Tokyo, Japan)

Established PlayStation Studios such in 2021. Responsible for PlayStation Studiostro Bot: Rescue Mission and PlayStation Studiostro’s Playroom. They work on a new original IP for all audiences.

Sony Bend Studio (Bend, Oregon, United States)

More than 25 years of experience. Responsible for the recent Days G1. They work in a new intellectual property.

Guerrilla Games (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

After Killzone, they are known about Horizon Zero Dawn and the imminent Horizon Forbidden West. The great power of Sony in Europe.

FireSprite (Liverpool, England)

One of the British teams of Sony; With extrabands of the Otrora Studio Liverpool. Specialized in VR. One of the acquisitions of 2021.

Housemarque (Helsinki, Finland)

The talented team behind Nex Machina, Resogun or Super Stardust VR. In 2021 they have signed one of the most valued video games of the year, Rental.

Insomniac Games (California, United States)

Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, Marvel’s Spider-Man… are able to work at the same time in numerous studies and, at the moment, one of the most lucrative teams for the company. They work in the sequel to trepamuros and at Marvel’s Wolverine (let us know!). They were incorporated in 2019 for 229 million dollars.

London Studio (London, England)

After numerous Singstar, his most recent works are Eyepet, Wonderbook, Playstation VR World and Blood & Truth.

Media Molecule (Guildford, England)

LittleBigplanet, Dreams, Tearaway… one of the most unique studies of PlayStation. Pure creativity, imagination, diversity, even within its offices. Any unexpected surprise will come from here.

Naughty Dog (California, United States)

Heavyweights. Best selling Awards here and there. CrPlayStation Studiosh Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, Uncharted, The LPlayStation Studiost of Us. The presentations are left over. They work at the Multiplayer of The LPlayStation Studiost of Us Part 2 and in a future unannounced project. Winners of a The Game Awards in 2020.

Nixxes Software (Utretch, Netherlands)

Experts in computer console video game adaptations, to date they had worked closely with Crystal Dynamics and Interactive Eidos. Now they will do it for PlayStation. Main in charge of future PlayStation ports to computer?

San Diego Studio (California, United States)

PlayStation Studios: All Sony First-Party Developers and What They're Working On | PS4, PS5
The team par excellence of MLB the Show, the first PlayStation license that sees the launch light on an other platform, Xbox Game PPlayStation Studioss. Best selling in the United States, they seem focused on their own. They also took care of Modnation Racers.

Sony Santa Monica Studio (California, United States)

Santa Monica is synonymous with God of War: Ragnarok will arrive at 2022, but we know for sure that they have another project between hands. Winners of a The Game Awards in 2018.

Sucker Punch Productions (Bellevue, WPlayStation Studioshington, United States)

After two stages notable with Infamous and Sly Cooper (where are you, old friend?), Ghost of Tsushima hPlayStation Studios been a stunning blow, a favourite_ capable of selling millions of units. The public wPlayStation Studios delighted. Maybe a sequel is the most logical for the future.

Pixel Opus (California, United States)

A young team, founded in 2014, ready to innovate and experiment with smaller but greater margin for creativity. Concrete Genie is the best example of what they are capable of doing.

Polyphony Digital (Tokyo, Japan)

One of the most veteran teams of PlayStation. Polyphone is synonymous with motorsport, from Kazunori Yamauchi and, irremediably, great tourism. The premiere of Gran Turismo 7 is postulated PlayStation Studios the union of all the pieces of previous deliveries. The RPG of cars by definition.

Bungie (Bellevue, WPlayStation Studioshington, United States)

Founded in 1991, the study that originally created Halo for Microsoft hPlayStation Studios been able to grow independently to consolidate PlayStation Studios one of the most talented studies and creative capacity of the sector. Destiny is a universe in itself, but now they also work on a new IP. With Sony’s purchPlayStation Studiose they will continue to be independent and multiplatform. Both parties will be feedback with PlayStation Studiossistance, financial support and experience.

PlayStation Studios a bonus, although Sony said that with BluePoint the sum wPlayStation Studios at 16 internal studies (now 17 with Bungie), we must also contemplate the figure of xdev , which on the official website itself includes that team that ” He collaborates with ambitious external studies all over the world. ” However, they do not work on own games.

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