_ spider-man: no way home _ is one of the most successful movies worldwide, but in the United States Marvel’s new work has already surpassed Avatar, and has become the third tape with More money collected in this country .

Currently, the domestic earnings of Spider-Man: No Way Home add a total of $ 760.9 million . In comparison, avatar is at $ 760.5 million. However, this is not the end of the story, since with $ 100 million more, the new Peter Parker adventure can beat avengers: endgame, and get the second place on this list.

However, Reaching the first place is a more complicated task , since here we find Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its $ 936 million. Considering that Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered almost two months ago, it is likely that this is the last time we listen to your profits in the cinema.

Spider-Man No Way Home Set to take down Avatar Box Office Record

Worldwide, _ Spider-Man: No Way Home_ is positioned as the sixth pliest movie with $ 1.8 billion collected . On related topics, this is the only repentance of Tom Holland with this tape. Similarly, these are the first filtrations of spider-man 4.