Elden Ring is full of fantastic bosses that will provide you all a worthy test of both your equipment and your game understanding. Apart from that, among the many boss fights, which are available in the huge regions scattered across the Lands Between, only a few in the way to measure the size of the StarScourge Radahn, which gives the players the opportunity to become one Unusual group of warriors to connect as they did a go on the legend. But how can you join the festival and start the boss fight of StarScourge Radahn? To answer the and more, we will now tell you the place of Radahn boss fight and tell you how to participate in Elden Ring.

Place and start of boss fight by StarScourge Radahn in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring - Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight & Location

You can take part in the festival and start the boss fight of StarScourge Radahn in Elden Ring by going to the area of ​​Redmane Castle, which is located on the southeastern tip of the Caelid region, but be careful, as the castle storms not only from enemies is, but is also home to two Lion Guardians. After this is said, you can avoid the world bosses by going to the portal that is in front of the bridge that connects you to the castle.

Once you enter the castle, you only need to go to the Plaza, where you can interact with many NPCs like Blaidd The Half Wolf, Iron Fist Alexander and many others. The festival starts automatically when you enter the Plaza. As soon as the event starts, just talk to the announcer and go to the elevator to unlock the path to face StarScourge Radahn.

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