Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is one of the most controversial films of the whole saga, to the point that the fans launched a lot of requests demanding Disney and Lucasfilm that the last trilogy was not part of the official canon. Regardless of your opinion about this film, it is a fact that had several important moments, among them, the death of Leia Organa .

At this point, we are all familiar with the scene where Leia dies after connecting through force with ben , aka kylo re. but according to a new conceptual art, death It was really going to be very different. Phil Saunders , conceptual artist for this film, published this new image that shows us to Leia dying aboard tentative iv, ship where we saw it for the first time at Hope

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker - Leia's Death Scene | 4K UHD

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We do not know exactly why they decided to change this scene, and at this point we probably never know it, but it was certainly going to be a little sad to see Leia dying alone with a simple medical droid to her side.

Editor’s note : The last Trilogy of Star Wars is definitely not the best, but I think it introduces a few pretty interesting concepts for the franchise. The idea of ​​removing it from the official canon is certainly something impossible, so we will have to see how the saga progresses through series and undoubtedly new movies.