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Focus followers of FC Bayern, BVB, FC Schalke and also Co.! New Bundesliga combo

In order to be able to watch all 34 video games of their favorite club in the Bundesliga, football followers in Germany now have to obtain a number of paid registrations. The pay-TV broadcaster Sky and also the fee-based streaming service DAZN will certainly additionally share the legal rights in the coming season as well as will certainly ask their consumers to spend for their memberships, much to the annoyance of the Bundesliga followers. Now there could soon be a compromise service.

While Sky owns the television rights for the Saturday video games and also the English Weeks in the German football upper home, DAZN exclusively relays the games on Friday as well as Sunday.

Up until recently, 2 different registrations needed to be secured. After a recent rate increase, DAZN, as an example, now bills 299.88 euros for a twelve-month complete membership, which represents a regular monthly cost of 24.99 euros.

The Sky Bundesliga subscription also costs 20.75 euros per month for annual accounts.

Combined registration from Sky as well as DAZN has two hooks

As Sky currently announced in a news release, both service providers want to release a joint Bundesliga subscription in the future.

In the future, it needs to be possible to order a complete membership for 38.99 euros each month for the coming season. The prospect of savings of as much as 156 euros annually is consequently used to customers who have previously safeguarded their individual Bundesliga plans month by month.

: The new deal from Sky and DAZN is initially only legitimate until September 30 and also is at first booked for new clients.


Football Germany has been waiting on this offer. With this we are advancing our path of combining the very best web content on one system, stated Charly Classen, Executive Vice President Sky Germany Sky Germany.

Additionally, neither the DFB Mug nor the English Premier Organization are consisted of in the combination subscription, to which Sky likewise holds the television legal rights.

2. Bundesliga gives Sky growth

“Sky” announced by press release that almost 4.7 million viewers per match day (“average aggregated visual participation of all kick-offs”) have switched on. According to the broadcaster, that is two percent more spectators per match day than in 2020/21. The Sunday games and the game on Friday evening are not included in the Bundesliga, since the transfer rights are at DAZN.

The 2nd division in particular proved to be a guarantee of success for “Sky”. A range of 54 percent was achieved through clubs such as Schalke, Werder Bremen or HSV. The highlight was the 33rd matchday when 2.4 million viewers followed the games.

“We are extremely satisfied with the last season. Not only because we were able to record a slight spectator plus with both leagues, but because the 2nd Bundesliga has come across a previously unmatched interest,” Charly has come Classen, Executive Vice President Sport at “Sky” Germany, quoted.

Party with the fans! FC Bayern celebrate with the Meisterschale

The current TV rights still apply until the 2024/25 season. Who shows what? The TV packages from the 2021/22 season at a glance

Sky ticket only today 50% cheaper: now the halo

The series of Kult Game Halo started on March 24th and since then new episodes will always come on Thursday. Who is curious about the series, just has the perfect opportunity to look in, because the Sky ticket for six months costs now only 4.99 euros per month (after six months 9.99 euros / month).

So you can not only look completely the first season Halo, but also a huge selection Sky originals and series from HBO. Among them is also House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones Prequel, which is broadcast from August. However, the offer is only valid today, on March 31st.

Look at Halo with the Sky Ticket for € 4.99 per month

It’s about the halo series

The series does not follow the same plot as the games, but a own plot in an alternative timeline. So it is also exciting for Halo fans who know the games already in and out, and can unfold by other self without influencing the existing story.

Nevertheless, of course, she also has something with the games together, because the Master Chief still plays the main role. Like the already well-known story, the new will take place in the 26th century, in which humanity has long left the earth, To explore space. In this case, it is conflict with an alliance of different alien breeds, called Covenant Alliance.

In his fight against the Alliance, the Master Chief finds a mysterious artifact that brings the plot to rolls.

Look at Halo with the Sky Ticket for € 4.99 per month

What else is there at Sky Ticket?

With Sky Entertainment you get numerous series of HBO and Peacock, as well as Sky Originals. Among them are Fantasy Giants like Game of Thrones and the Prequel House of the Dragon announced for August, exciting thrillers like Dexter: New Blood and popular classics like Dr. House.

In addition, you can still associate the Cinema package that you can watch more than 1,000 of the most popular movies, as well as current movies shortly after release.

Look at Halo with the Sky Ticket for € 4.99 per month

Halo MCC - Speeding Ticket - Achievement Guide
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Jürgen Klopp celebrates “Fat three points” and the comeback

Klopp looked at “Sky” after 2-0 at the FC Arsenal. The former BVB coach made his joy but also free run. Finally, his FC Liverpool had a “super heavy game” decided. Which is the residue in one and Manchester City only one pünktchen.

At the Gunners, little little spoke. That “no one’s just so deserted”, Klopp became aware of the game despite the good start. “That was in the first half but also to us,” criticized the native Stuttgart.

A “special moment” has occurred

In the second half, a lot better worked, “we have defended forward and were better in the game,” Klopp analyzed. The feeling that the rhythm had been there – and two goals thanks to a double stop. Thanks to its perfect change, the Reds coach had its share of it.

Klopp spoke of a “special game”, a “special moment” for the whole club. Because Liverpool’s distance to Mancity had already been 14 meters in the meantime. After nine league in series and the most recent Patzer of the competition, the residue is shrunk to a single point. “Rightly fat three points” the Reds would have retracted in London on Wednesday evening, so Klopp.

You are not famous for you to get great out of the rest.

Jürgen Klopp via Manchester City

Despite the euphoria, Klopp kept that his team had a long way away from him. He knew that the catch-up of the LFC is cool, but one was only close, “not more”. In addition, the players of Pep Guardiola, according to Klopp, are not famous for them to make themselves great by a breath in the neck. But we want to try dranzu. “

Ironian “thank you” to the FA

Simply does not that in the remaining nine games, “Our residual program is anything but a children’s birthday. We play against no one who stands in the midfield and has nothing to do with the matter,” Klopp said for those of him often criticized FA still had a message Parate: “We got the early kick-off time on Saturday at 12.30 pm, after the guys travel around the world. Thank you,” Klopp said head shaking and referred to the next league game against FC Watford after the international game break On April 2nd.

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