Israel: Why some ageing Holocaust survivors are living in poverty
The short breather stopped Antonio di Salvo and its U21 grateful.

After a week full of setbacks, the German young footballers took their historic journey to Israel in order to switch on Sunday with some leisure on the beach and a conversation with the Holocaust Witness ZVI Cohen before the first showdown in the EM qualification shortly.

“That’s good, the last days were difficult,” Di Salvo said after the 4-0 against Latvia, which brought his staff hypocritical team in front of the game in Israel on Tuesday (17:00 clock) in a good starting position.

At his second official Away trip as the U21 chef coach di Salvo and his guys were very special. “Experiving the country to absorb the story is very interesting,” Di Salvo said.

Also, the team around the captain opposite to Latvia Jonathan Burkardt from FSV Mainz 05 was grateful to the program away from the place. “This will be very interesting for us to get impressions of someone who has noticed that close up,” said the Cologne Jan Thielmann before the conversation with the contemporary witness Cohen.

From Monday Focus on the Antonio

But at the latest from Monday, the offspring selection wants to put their focus on the Antonioy match against Israel. For two counters lead on the direct pursuer, the U21 could make a big step towards EM with a victory.

“This is a very important game for us, it’s about important points in the table. We are focused and ready,” Herthas Márton Dárdai, who had given his U21 debut against Latvia.

Ranked three of the group with four counters residue follows Poland, which is to Hungary in June last German opponent. Only the first and the best group season directly solve the EM ticket, the other second must be in the playoffs.

“The group constellation is very tight, and we know that we have to tackle every game highly concentrated,” Di Salvo said. “We also want to win this game.” At a bankruptcy, the first missing of an EM since 2011 could be threatened.

Target: defend EM title

The German selection wants to defend the EM title of its predecessors in the summer of 2023 in Georgia and Romania. The clear 4: 0 against Latvia gave after a week with almost a dozen failures of sick or injured players, some postnominations and much improvisation of self-confidence and security.

“We tried to hide that,” Di Salvo said to personally. DFB President Bernd Neuendorf saw a “grandiose victory” live in the stadium and praised with a view of the many failures: “I saw a team.”

The good response to the staffNot also made the team proudly. “This is very high because it was already unusual. We had many new faces,” the Fürther Maximilian Bauer judged. The newly formed U21 now wants to build against Israel. “When we win, we can breathe,” said Thielmann.