For wide stretches of the game between the SV Sandhausen and Hansa Rostock, it looked as if the Rostockers would not withstand the pressure of the SVS. Again and again the converse speed of Rostock Keeper Markus Kolke had to serve to prevent the counterclockwise. But the steadfastness of the “Kogge” made himself paid, because John Verkek handed a chance to bring his team to victory and at the same time.

After the game Hansa-coach Jens Härtel found appreciative words for the offensive man: “Without John’s goals, we would have missed many points. Of course, he had to go into the game, but that’s exactly what is his quality that one does not see him for a while and Then he’s there, “says Härtel at Furthermore, the 52-year-old emphasized that the victory was “extremely important” and his team at the end was the “happier”.

Hansa Rostock is at the top.

John Verhoek

Also happily happening was also Verkeek, who not only celebrated team success, but also a personal record: the Dutch shot his 15th goal for Hansa Rostock – Never has never met a Hansa player in the 2nd Bundesliga. However, this was not important to the 32-year-old, but that’s nice, but without my team, I can not do that. I am very proud of my team, 15 is a nice number, but with me Hansa Rostock is up to the top and then I will come.”

Due to the wiped victory in Sandhausen Hansa Rostock climbs in place in the table in the table, but despite the upcoming country break, according to Härtel there is hardly any time to query: “The reins is to be picked up again, because it comes to St. Pauli, we still have St. Pauli An invoice open. This is no normal game for our fans and for the club, as we want to show another face. “

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Whether the Härtel-Eleven succeeds will show on April 2, because the Hanseaten will receive the FC St. Pauli at 20.30 (Live!, At Hansa).