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Champions League | Press: Mancity destroys himself in Madrid

Real Madrid followed the Liverpool FC after a magnificent fight into the final of the Champions League. Four days after the early win of the 35th Spanish football championship, the team around ex-international Toni Kroos prevailed 3-1 (2: 1, 0: 0) after extra time. The English champion won the first duel equally spectacular. The international presses:

Great Britain:

“The Sun”: __ “Pep Guardiola, as a coach of Manchester City, found some extraordinary ways to lose important Champions League games in six years. But none of them made the former Barcelona boss almost as crazy as this.”

more: The network reactions to Real Madrid vs. Manchester City

“Daily Mail”: __ “Mancity destroys himself in Madrid.”

“Daily Mirror”: __ “Peps nightmare! Mancity surrender in added time, while Real Madrid grabs last place in the Champions League final.”

“The Times”: __ “in Madrid attacked from the ambush: two crazy minutes bring City around the mind in added time.”



“Marca”: __ “Real Madrid writes the greatest hero story ever told.”

“El Mundo Deportivo”: __ “Do not try to explain it, because frankly there is no explanation for that with Real Madrid and the Champions League. In the 89th minute the whites were out of the final, and in the 95 Minute they stood in the final of the Champions League. Another miraculous historical evening for Real Madrid in Bernabeu (…). “

“La Vanguardia”: __ “The myth of Bernabeu also devours Guardiolas City.”

“El Mundo”: __ “New miracle in Bernabeu.”

Pep Guardiolas special thanks to Stones and Fernandinho

After the first eleven minutes, you could get the impression that Manchester City would give the Champions League record winner a lesson. But Real Madrid is blessed these days with unmatched tender qualities in Europe, which in the end even brought the royal to a decent starting point. A 4: 3 for the Skyblues stood on the scoreboard after 90 gripping minutes.

“From my experience, in order to win this competition, you have to simply survive such unexpected situations,” said Guardiola at the press conference and pushed after: “It could have been a better result, but that’s just real. We played very well. “

Unquipitly, Mancity had just aggressively caused spectacle that in the end it was only four of their own goals, was only attributable to the poor exploitation of opportunities. Guardiola commented on Guardiola-Art that Real coach Carlo Ancelotti said that Madrid put on the final with a better defense with a better defense: “I always agree.”

I want to say THANK YOU to John Stones & Fernandinho | Man City 4-3 Real Madrid | Pep Guardiola

Of course, the Catalans worried that his team had left such great opportunities with regularity. It was only reminded of the 26th minute, in which Riyad Mahrez thundered the ball despite two good play stations from an acute angle. Guardiola was completely out of her own in the seconds, fervently screamed at the outdoor Mahrez and could hardly calm down.

It sounded very different in the press room. “We won’t complain about the result,” said Guardiola: “I am proud and incredibly satisfied.” Nobody could say “that we didn’t show very good football”.

Guardiola: “Maybe we even have to increase…”

Guardiola knows that in Bernabeu, where PSG and Chelsea already despaired this season, another challenge is waiting: “In Bernabeu, we have to play at least like this again. Maybe we even have to increase to move into the final. This competition demands this from you.”

Hanging heads are inappropriate after a 4: 3 in the Champions League against Real. “We have to go to Madrid raised,” said Mancity’s head coach.

Guardiola sent a special greeting to two part -time workers in the right -back position. The stricken John Stones, actually a central defender, had to cancel after 36 minutes, for him, Routinier Fernandinho, actually six, who wants to leave the Skyblues in summer.

I knew he would do it well.

Pep Guardiola about Fernandinho

“I would like to thank Stones for trying it,” said Guardiola: “And I would like to thank Fernandinho, who only played as a full -back once.” The Brazilian appeared in particular between the 53rd and 55th minute. First he caught a ball towards Vinicius Junior and flanked brilliantly on Phil Foden, which marked the 3-1. Then Fernandinho fell on a finth of his compatriot and could no longer stop Vinicius Junior on the way to 2: 3.

“It is extremely difficult to control Vinicius junior,” Guardiola said afterwards in front of Fernandinho: “But he is such an important player for us. I knew that he would do it well.” Sometimes Fernandinho did well. Whether Guardiola “lets go” in the second leg on Vinicius Junior can at least be questioned.

Real Madrid: Jersey for the season 2022/23 Jellact

Real Madrid apparently relies on a classic color combination in its home jersey for the coming season 2022/23 – which was quite successful in the past.

In any case, this suggests a leak that the usually well-informed portal footyheadlines published on Monday night.

Thus, the Blancos are traditionally incurred in the Santiago Bernabeu in the next season in Santiago Bernabeu in a predominantly white shirt. Longitudinally, several bright, wide strips, which are each interrupted several times by the logo of the Spanish record champion.

Real Madrid: Jellaked jersey with stand-up collar

While the logos and lettering of suppliers adidas and jersey sponsor Emirates are kept in black, the three adidas stripes on the shoulders for the color blob on the new real jersey: they are kept in a bright purple and remind designs from the late 1990s and 2000s.

Similarly, for example, the design of the jersey at the Champions League victory against Juventus 1998 (1: 0) looked. In 2016/17, the Real Stars also ran in the Triumph in the Champions League final against Juventus (4: 1) in complete violet shirts. In said combination on the home jersey, however, these colors have not existed for more 14 years.

Leaked Football Kits for the 2022/23 season including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and more
In addition, it comes in the coming season to return the stand-up collar. This can be closed with a white button. In addition, a black and a violet strip is applied at the lower end of the collar.

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Preliminary contract at Real Vs. Loyalty premium of PSG: the millions

Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain is the transfer target number one from the Spanish record champion Real Madrid. Before the second leg in the Champions League eightel finals, new, explosive rumors make the round: supposedly the Frenchman has already signed a preliminary contract at the royal. PSG wants to stop with a mega offer.

Real Madrid does not help to see Kilian Mbappé on Wednesday evening (21:00 live in the Real Madrid-ticker) one last time in the PSG jersey. Therefore, as the Spanish Real Madriding line reports “Mundo Deportivo”, the capital club has already set up a preliminary contract with the attacker.

The agreement should be valid from 1 July, ie from the first day after the end of his expiring contract at PSG. Thus, Real Madrid wants to lay the foundation for a commitment of the striker trusted.

According to the report, the document suggests a number of clauses and conditions that must enter into force to tilt the advance agreement. The Treaty is therefore possible, since clubs with players may lead to direct discussions without participation of the root association, as long as the last half of the contract has begun.

Real Madrid allegedly know about every step of PSG

Thanks to this agreement, Real should also know about all the movements of still-employer PSG, which in turn tries Härderingeng to convince MBappé from a whereabout in the French metropolis.

According to “Mundo Deportivo”, the Sheikh club has recently submitted his figurehead a new mega offer. Accordingly, PSG would be ready to increase mbappé’s salary to 50 to 53 million euros net per year. Not enough: The 23-year-old would allegedly cash out a kind of “loyalty bonus” in the amount of 100 million euros net.

Such attempts should no longer be heard with too great concern in the Madrilenen, so Real Madriding time. MBappé has long been agreed with the financial framework.

First of all, Kylian Mbappé is in a Real Madridy view in focus: The attacker had suffered a blow on the foot on Monday in training and was initially classified for the game in Spain as questionable. On Tuesday, however, the World Champion entered the Santiago Bernabéu from 2018 together with his colleagues for the final training.

A NEW MESS AT PSG! BIG CONFLICT! MESSI and NEYMAR want to be kicked out of PARIS!

The eighth final first leg between PSG and Real ended, calculated thanks to a hit by Mbappé, with 1: 0 for the French.

FIFA 22: How well Fits Dortmunds Haaland to Real Madrid?

The Real Madrid Club de Fútbol [Reˌalmaðrið ˌclubdefuðβol], popular as Real Madrid, is a football club from Madrid.
Real Madrid is one of the most well-known football clubs in the globe. Real Madrid went from 1956 to 1960 the initial 5 occasions of the European Cup of the national champion as well as is the only club that has actually been able to protect the title given that the beginning of UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid originally as The club was founded, the club also has a basketball section, which with its 8 take area in the European Cup of the nationwide champion, 2 in the Euro league, 4 in the cup of the mug champion and also one in the Koran Mug as well as in the Pleb Euro cup likewise the most successful association of Europe.
Unlike the majority of European top clubs, Real Madrid is neither a company, neither had by an exclusive individual. The club, as well as archival FC Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao and Ca Sauna, is still entirely its 93,176 club participants (Social).

, well recognized as Real Madrid, is a football club from Madrid.

Real Madrid is one of the most popular football clubs in the globe. Real Madrid initially as The club was established, the club likewise has a basketball area, which with its eight take location in the European Cup of the nationwide champ, two in the Euro league, 4 in the mug of the mug victor and also one in the Koran Cup and also in the Pleb Euro cup likewise the most effective association of Europe.

Although the Treaty of young attacker at Borussia Dortmund is still running until the summer of 2024, a whereabouts of the Norwegian is almost utopian for almost two and a half years. To impressively, Haaland has shot himself in record time in the world top, too many desires of the highest point he woke up.

More likely, a change is already clearer earlier, the prospects are snake. In the Pole position, Real Madrid was literally suspected again and again in the royal could take Haaland — at least in the long term — the succession of Karim Benzema. We look at how well the 21-year-old in FIFA 22 would fit the Blanco.

Changes in FUT chemistry

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT), the club’s crest of the Spanish capital club on Haaland’s cards would open up new ways of linking. All Spanish La League players with reasonable chemistry are available, optimized the links of course through other real professionals: Especially the talented Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo could make a triangle for the future with Haaland.

However, the presence looks like other service providers in FUT: Casino (89), Thibaut Courts (89), said Benzema (89) and Toni Kroos (88) have the highest overall ratings at the Madrilène in their gold versions. With regard to Haaland’s nationality, only the chance of a Norwegian Studios — Alexander Sloth now plays at Real Societal.

Talented real-offensive in career mode

In the career mode, the focus is even more clearly on the future viability: with Haaland in the Attack Center, Vinicius and Rodrigo on the outside and Eduardo Camping behind it in midfield, Real would have occupied some key positions of offensive playing for years.

Haaland is another player type as Madrid legend Benzema — with the lively Brazilians on the wings, however, he could harmonize.

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