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Thing is close to me: No Schobesberger

After a renewed breach of injury Philipp Schobesberger apparently stands in front of the SK Rapid. His contract ends with the end of the season.

Four short actions in the Bundesliga, four shortins in the 2nd league and a short-term use in the Conference League: Philipp Schobesberger could complete as many games in the current season for Rapid and the second team.

Een strap-on is de oplossing | Kim Schuddeboom | De Avondshow Stand-ups

Now the renewed setback: the 28-year-old plague muscle pain, the planned hardet test against delivery for over 90 minutes fell into the water. “It should not be that bad this time. But after the previous course at Schobis breaks, we do not want to give out any forecasts,” says Rapid-Coach Ferdinand Feldhofer to the kurier. Thus, the offensive player Rapid can not strengthen against the WAC on Sunday.

Barisic: “I know about his standing in the team”

Little surprisingly, now louder is speculated over the Rapid future of the Linzer. His contract ends in a few months and Schobesberger does not remain injury-free. “The thing with Schobi is close to me. I got him to Rapid in 2014. I know about his merits for the club, how much he has invested for his comeback trials. And I also know about his standing in the team,” complains Rapid sports director Zoran Barisic.

Schobesberger docked by Pasching in the summer of 2014 and enchanted Hütteldorf with incredible crop runs and strong appearances in the European Cup. Overall, “Schobi” collected 75 scorer points for Rapid in 164 games until the injury touches began.

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In his short response, Schobesberger also showed strong approaches – dimensions as with his current, highly doped contract, but would be unthinkable at any extension. “We have not decided on all players with expiring contracts,” says Barisic.

Conference League: Does Rapid have to ran against Vitesse in the hall?

For the players of the SK Rapid, the awayivism against Vitesse Arnheim on Thursday (21:00 clock) could become a special experience in a closed stadium. Does Vitesse Arnhem attract the stadium roof against Rapid on Thursday? The Gelredome in Arnhem is considered a modern stadium. Find space 21,500 spectators. And especially good is the acoustics when the roof is closed. “The stadium is really cool, as it feels like in a hall. It does not echo, there is no echo,” enthuses Vitesse legionnaire Adrian Grbic in the Krone. “For this purpose, it is practical that it will never be cold with the roof to be made. Then the jacket and gloves are pulled off while warming up.” Articles and videos about the topic * Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. “Mostly is great atmosphere,” finds Grbic. “Our fans are really cool. When they celebrated in Nijmegen in October in Nijmegs with their team, a part of the tribune collapsed. Luckily there were no injured.”

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