Around the ten games, most teams are still in the calendar, a hot race has a hot race for the last secure playoff tickets. Who manages it directly to the PostSeason, who has to go to the play-in tournament?

In the two conferences, a TOP 3 has crystallized each other, which has the playoff participation as good as certainly, in the east, it is actually four teams. Behind leader Miami, the Sixers, Bucks and Celtics can plan as well as safe with the PostSeason. In the west, it is still pretty tight behind the Suns, Grizzlies and Warriors.

As a reminder: The at the end of the Regular Season six best teams from each conference have a playoff ticket safely. The places seven up to ten must fight in the play-in tournament around the last playoff places.

TSM Fixed?? 100T Surge, and tight playoff race with Raz | JLXP - Ep 44

We want to know of you: Which teams go through in the season end spurt and create it in the top 6 in the East and West? Since we consider the respective top 3 as sure, you can still distribute three more votes to your favorites in the playoff race. App users please here.

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