The worth seeing Ramona flank of Patrick Swimmer also enthused Frank Kramer. The Austrian Make sometimes crazy things.

He is a creative player, you can not take it on him, said the coach of Armenia Bielefeld after the 2-0 (2: 0) at Eintracht Frankfurt: He did great.

With its spectacular preliminary work for Alessandro School (27th), the 20-year-old Swimmer also accepted his teammates. That’s this youthful insanity. He has a little crazy and carefree, said goalkeeper Stefan Ortega at DAZN : If he stays with him and works at a few basics that are important for the team, he can become even more valuable

He had no confidence in his left foot in the action, Swimmer said, If that does not happen, I also know that I can listen to myself. Kramer explained with a wink: Actions like the template must be admitted to him, and before he takes his left, it’s better like that.

Even before his feat, the Austrian junior national player himself had met for the lead (5.) and the way for the Armenia, which has been unbeaten since five games in the Football Bundesliga. The Contract had to accept the next dampers in the fight for Europe and continues to wait for the first victory this year.

With 21 points, the Bielefeld left the relegation place at least temporarily. It’s important that we end up the stroke, said Ortega: It should not be written off.