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Lost Ark: Save a unique Raptor

Who is Prime customer at Amazon, was able to secure two item packages for Lost Ark and thus get boxes with combat articles, amethyse splitters, a pet and a few days of crystalline aura. For a short time, the third package is now available via Prime Gaming – and it’s the most exciting so far!

Chic Raptor mount for Lau

The current package for Lost Ark consists of five days of crystalline aura, 500 amethysts splitter and the silver combat faptor (see picture above). You can secure these items until 03. May 2022. These end up after picking up prime gaming in your product inventory in the game.

By the way, the amethystsplitter can be used to his mysterious man in one of the capitals. This is also titled as exchange NPC for amethyst fragments. For example, you can receive the following offers for fragments for the dealer:

  • 14 days crystalline aura for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Relationship follow-up chest (3 epic relationship chairs) for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • 3 x fighting objects for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Pheon chest for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Arkesia paper mask skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Companion tricks for trick, clipping and whimpering for 6,600 amethysts splitter

  • Ship Skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter

  • Emote star dance for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Sail-skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Companion selection chest for 13,200 amethysts splitter
  • Legendary emoticon package for 13,200 amethysts splitter

  • Riding Golden Warwolf for 22,000 amethysts splitter

Lost Ark - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players

What’s up to Via Prime Gaming?

Of course, Prime Gaming has not only for Lost Ark (now buying 19.99 €) Great Goodies in the luggage. For Hearthstone there’s a random legendary standard card, for Overwatch you can secure a Golden Lootbox and for New World is the skin package “West Harmonist” ready for pickup – and these are just a few examples. You can also secure full versions such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or the Special Edition by Monkey Island 2.

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Amazon: Mechanical gaming

When Zock is often about skill, speed and precision. For that, it needs next to the playful can as good input devices. With a mechanical gaming keyboard, the commands go fast and accurate from the hand. At Amazon this day is the Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 for 139.97 euros on offer. Compared to other online retailers, they can save the price comparison portal Idealo, according to 11 percent and thus around 18 euros. Amazon does not charge you for shipping costs (all prices and information – as of 21 February 2022).

Save 11 percent on Corsair Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 with aluminum frame has Cherry-MX-Speed ​​switches. According to the manufacturer, the manufacturer for fast and high-precision entries on the gaming keyboard with German layout provide. The integrated RGB backlight is customizable and synchronized with other compatible Corsair peripherals. Special keycaps allow Corsair according to optimum grip at ego shooters and multiplayer online battle-arena games. A USB port, additional buttons and multimedia renewal further characterize the gaming keyboard. A removable soft-touch palm rest is included.

  • Mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB backlight
  • With multimedia renewal and removable palm rest
  • Round 18 Euro compared to the competition Save

Amazon Prime Test 30 days now!

Who has no prime subscription yet, can try all the benefits for free 30 days. In addition to free premium delivery, you can also enjoy Prime Video, Amazon Music and more. After the test phase Amazon Prime costs € 7.99 per month.

Would you like to take more advantages? Then you will find new discount items on the Amazon voucher page from Computer Image. For example, they also save on Amazon devices, goods of daily needs, clothing and more.

Amazon Gaming Keyboard Review (Back lit + RGB!)

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