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The Developer Funomena (Wattam) closes after the accusations of harassment in the work environment

Investigating Three Indie Superstars Accused of Emotional Abuse
The Developer Funomena, who has collaborated with Keita Takahashi, a developer of Katamari Damacy, will close at the end of the month after the accusations of abuse within the work environment around the study director, Robin Hunicke.

The accusations came to light last week as part of a report of People Make Games on abuses in the workspace within three independent studies. In the video, Chris Bratt of People Make Games speaks with different Funomena members who ensure that Hunicke is emotionally abusive and uses sensitive personal information humilly. Many of her employees describe it as “the instigator of a large amount of toxicity” within the study.

In response to the accusations, Hunicke published a message on Twitter: “You are sad to know that there are people who have been hurt by mistakes that I have committed, I’m sorry. Right now I’m going to take a while to talk with people, focus on the answers That everyone is sharing, and think about what is the next step. “

However, in a video published as a continuation to the previous one in People Make Games, Chris Bratt explains that Funomena will close its doors.

Neither Funomena nor Hunicke has pronounced on the fact.

The new PS5 function allows users to share catches through the PLAYSTATION application

The PlayStation 5 has many features that are worth exploring, but since its launch, you have not managed to offer an easy and convenient way for people to share their captured media through the PLAYSTATION application. However, that is changing this week, since PlayStation announced its plans on Wednesday to allow people to share their screenshots and game clips much more easily through the PlayStation application on mobile devices. This feature is now active, but only in certain regions and there will be more to come as the characteristic is expanded.

On the PlayStation Support page, there is a full publication dedicated to this topic that will make it easier to start sharing your means. The function is available in Japan, Canada, and is “gradually implemented in the Americas”, so if it is outside those areas, wait for the function eventually.

However, before starting to share, you must first enable the function. To do so, you must ensure you have linked your PlayStation 5 console to the PlayStation application that you downloaded on an Android device or iOS. After doing so, you should make sure to leave the PlayStation 5 in rest mode, not completely off, so that it is connected to the Internet. Look for the “Library” option in its application and then the “Capture” configuration and change it to “Enable” to take care of that.

Then, he will go to his console PlayStation 5 and go to the section “Media Gallery”. You should see an invitation there that asks you to enable automatic loads, but if you do not, you can find it in the settings in “Catches and Transmissions” and then “Captures” with an option of automatic loading that is there.

Once you have finished, your catches should be loaded automatically and see in the PLAYSTATION application. Inside the application, you can download and share the content from there.

There are some warnings to keep in mind when doing all this. The content can not be loaded manually, so the automatic load is its only option. The content that includes clips and screenshots that are loaded in this way will only remain in the application for 14 days after they were created in the PlayStation 5 console, and you will not charge for trophies or activity challenges in this way.

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