Since the United States and the European Union imposed economic sanctions against Russia, important platforms, services and payment service providers have decided to block transactions in the country. At the weekend, the live streaming platform Twitch Russian streamers informed that they also hold on to the sanctions and will retain payments in the foreseeable future .

_ “Payments to the financial institution associated with your Twitch account were blocked due to sanctions,” it says in the e-mail. “Twitch adheres to the economic sanctions imposed by the United States and other governments and adheres to the sanctions imposed on the situation in Ukraine. This sanctions can access payouts, their ability to Monetalize stream and / or support, restrict or affect other creators. “_

Russia Is Paying The Price...

Streamer lose your source of income

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The e-mail continues to say: _ “We will do our best to pay you off earned revenues as soon as we are entitled to do it .” _ Many Russian streamers who have not yet been equipped, thus falling out the financial Stand away.

_ “PayPal has stopped working in Russia today and Twitch will no longer pay Russian Streamer. Thank you for cutting off my only source of income. I’m sure this will solve all the problems of the world,” _ writes Twitch Streamerin Lina Aka Commanderivy on Twitter.

Not every Russian streamer has received the e-mail. Some Streamer including Lina, suspect that it is because they have already set their payout method on Paypal. Nevertheless, they are uncertain whether they will receive their next paycheck.

It is unclear when the sanctions against Russia can be lifted, many Russian Twitch Streamer simply stream on Twitch, even if they do not get any money right now. Do you have a Russian favorite streamer who is currently no longer streaming? Write us in the comments.

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