Sasa Kalajdzic knows how to watch and maintain status of a pattern priority and sympathy wear. After the training session on Tuesday, the striker remained a bit longer for the approximately one hundred fans and thanked cordial words for tireless support. In the end, the Austrians also rose via the advertising tordes to enable pendants of memorial photos. All al1. While all other VFB professionals have long disappeared. Moments that felt like farewell. And that obviously suggests.

The likelihood that Kalajdzic bears the jersey of the traditional club beyond summer over the summer is reduced from week to week and defeat. The man who can lie as bad as a penguin, has always been difficult to succeed his soul life and his thoughts successfully.

The 24-year-old works more than ever and disilused these days. Nevertheless, the coach hardly believes in the after his shoulder surgery and a calf injury last still by one hundred percent fitness fighting attackers. “He knows that he is the striker who will shoot us to the league,” says Pellegrino Matarazzo optimistic.

Look How Good Saša Kalajdžić Has Become in VfB Stuttgart!

Interest from England, Italy – and the Bundesliga

It could be a farewell gift for the Swabians. Already last summer, much pointed to a change of the two-meter man. But his shoulder injury shortly before the end of the transfer period stopped all the desire attempts before they could be concrete.

The interest in the 24-year-old has not subsided since then. Priority clubs from England and Italy attract. At that time, like today, Among other things represented by Tottenham, West Ham or the Roma. But even in the Bundesliga, the name Kalajdzic was discussed among other things at RB Leipzig, Dortmund and FC Bayern.

Either way, a transfer of the game-strong and true attacker would mean a severe loss for the Stuttgart. Sporty as well as financially. The transfer fee, which has been awarded around 20 million euros, is likely to fall a lot. Conversations with the aim of a premature contract extension of the 2023 contract has been postponed so far.

Kalajdzic does not want to set itself, especially since the Swabia can not offer the national player neither on the lawn nor in the account the necessary perspective. Stuttgart remained the opportunity to push a bolt to a premature change of attacker. In the next year either either the chance to increase to a renewed league or a reply. An exit clause is not anchored in its contract. But a year later, Kalajdzic would leave the club the club.