You are fans of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages? Then you’re coming to your favorite link link and tips beautiful the ears: with Glory Hunters was recently announced a new game, which is strongly oriented to the Game Boy classics.

Nintendo Forgot about Zelda...

And the cool: Glory Hunters appears not only for the PC, but also physically for the Game Boy. Jap! So really oldschool on Cartridge.

That’s behind Glory Hunters

Click through the gallery and look at first screenshots:





Glory Hunters – View Screenshots

Playfully oriented, Glory Hunters is based on old 2D-Zelda offshoots – is called, as a small coatofower, we swing the sword, Kloppen Monster to porridge and puzzle through dungeons.

However, Glory Hunters should be much more extensive than a link to the Past and Co.

The story should also be non-linear, possibly we have more freedoms in exploration as in A link Between Worlds. In the story we progress ahead by collecting achievements, of which there are over a thousand piece. We are curious how playably looks exactly and whether Glory Hunters at the end approaching his glorious role models.

DieKickstarter campaign for Glory Hunters starts on April 10, 2022 . So mark the day in your desired color (we recommend Hunters-Petrol) in the calendar if you want to support the cool project.

When is the split release? The game should appear 2023 physically for Game Boy and digital for the PC. Other platforms should follow. Incidentally, there is already a demo to Glory Hunters on

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What do you think of Glory Hunters?