The households were quickly concentrated in the game, the Gunners might need something to get on operating temperature. The first offensive resuscitation posted Lacazette (5.) and Gallagher (10th), whose passes in the last third did not find any customers.

The Eagles had a little floor, without playing out really dangerous chances to play. The first used Crystal Palace then mercilessly: After a free kick from Gallagher had ever become longer, Andersen switched the fastest and decided the header duel on the second post. His headframe had Mateta only to 1-0 over the line nod (16).

Crystal Palace v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/4/2022 | NBC Sports

Gunners sleepy half one

The Nordlondoner looked after the counterpart of the role, Palace continued to play. Only a few minutes later, Andersen took the gaping gap in the midfield of the guests and served with a pass from their own half Ayev. Since Gabriel had previously been fooled by the ball, he could penetrate undisturbed in the sixteen and complete in one-counter-one casually into the left corner (24th).

Defensive began again Arsenal in the episode, which then the only possibility of the home owners through Mateta could thwart Ramsdale with a good parade (38.). The guests were efforted above all from the 40th minute, but had no good ideas in the last third but simply did not play any good ideas and played. So it went with the 2: 0 in the break.

Arsenal plays, Palace meets

As replaced, the Nordlondoner then came out of the cabin. With refreshing game joke and courageous offensive football, you urged the home owners into their own half. Crystal Palace was completely lost the momentum from the first half, the Eagles only ran behind. Nevertheless, Arsenal did not hit the gate: Twice, Ödegaard was played free of the opposing case, both times the Norwegian pulled off unimpaired. So the ball once landed in the arms of Guaita (63.) and once above the gate (68.).

This sludge punished the households freezing cold: After the awkward behavior Ödegaards in his own penalty area, this Zaha brought to fall, there were penalty. The fouled himself stepped on and made in the 74th minute for preliminary decision – 3: 0.

CL participation in danger

Although the guests continued to play forward and, for example, by Ödegaard (81.) and Nketiah (86.) good possibilities, but always was a last defender leg, the aluminum or guaita in the way. So Arsenal was denied the honorary goal, the game ended with 3: 0.

Thus, the Gunners have finally released their Champions League Place to the for weeks of Tottenham, and must be taken to participate in the premier class in the end of the season.