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GTA Online: How to get 300,000 dollars for free a week in June

Rockstar wanted to throw the house out the window and offer a great help to all GTA online players, since he has encouraged to offer the opportunity toachieve 300,000 free a week *. You just have to keep reading the following guide to know all the steps to follow.

How to get 300,000 dollars for free a week in June

How To Get 300,000 DOLLARS ($300,000) in GTA Online!
Any amount of money you get in Los Santos will always be well received by the enormous amount of things in which you can spend those dollars that you save, but until June 29 that concern will be less with the thousands and thousands of dollars that you can pocket every seven days.

To start, only the fact of connect at any time of the week will make you earn $ 100,000, without having to do anything else. To take another 100,000 additional dollars you must link your Prime Gaming account to that of the Social Club of Rockstar Games .

Finally, those who want to carry the remaining $ 100,000 will also need to be pointed to Prime Gaming and GTA+. In fact, those who are signed to this last service will receive free clothes and accessories, twice the dollars in security contracts, an agency in Rockford Hills and the Grotti Brioso R/A.

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Fractured Online: Grab a tap strain now!

Fractored Online not only wants to convince you with an enchanting game world that you can explore from an isometric perspective, but also with a clever faction system, unique bioma and the absolute cake for MMO gamers: One of players!

Fractored Online is developed by the Milanese Studio Dynamight Studios, which has set nothing other than to revolutionize the sandbox mm genre ! You can try out whether the developers are already doing this now! Because we are giving away 500 betakys! The Free Week also takes place – we explain all the important details and the difference below!

free week for fractured online

First of all, the information about the free week for fractured online: ** It starts on May 25, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. and ends on May 31, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. Fans fractured online pay a visit to explore the continent of Aerhen, which is largely dominated by humans. There you will get your money’s worth! Not only the weather beats caps; It is freezing cold in the mountains, cozy with the volcanoes and it rains in the steppe.

No, you also meet fabulous figures such as Jotunns, mammoths, elementary and arctic wolves. Regardless of whether you want to look at the craft, economy or PvP from fractured online, or just roam the world… all of this is possible and you can try all of this in the Free Week… But just! With one of our fractored online betakys, everything can be done even longer and in more detail!

Betakeys for fractured online

What you want to try out in fractured online is only up to you and your buddies! With one of our fractored online tea, you can frolicker in the dynamic sandbox world for longer. Following the rules:

Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs

The keys can be redeemed from the time of the award after the end of our raffle (May 22, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.), until May 25, 2022 at 11:59 p.m., so that your key doesn’t expire!
* From the time from which you have redeemed the key in your glyph account, you have access to the closed beta of fractured online for two weeks to take a detailed picture of the upcoming sandbox mm!
By the way: * All progress is “canceled” for later beta access, only before the release will there be a wipe.

Now that we have explained all the rules for you:

Do you feel like trying fractored online? (click here!)

Then click on the link that is not to be overlooked in our Betakey raffle! The raffle is active until May 22, 2022 at 12:00 p.m., the keys are then divided and automatically sent among all participants at the competition. The legal process is excluded, a cash payment is not possible. Our general competition conditions apply! Good luck and have fun in fractured online! Even if you shouldn’t win, you can use the Free Week!

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We had an opportunity to take an extended look at Teso: High Isle

Like all other games of the genre, The Elder Scrolls Online is a title that is constantly evolving and since its launch eight years ago, Bethesda has been updating it with a lot of content that users They certainly appreciate. Your next massive expansion, known as High Isle, is just around the corner and here at Bretons We had an opportunity to make an extensive look at everything you offer. Spoiler: It seems that the community will be extremely satisfied with everything that will be offered to them.

HIGH ISLE - Exclusive 2022 Chapter Preview - EVERYTHING I Found Out | The Elder Scrolls Online
To begin with, it is important to mention that High Isle will continue with the story that was introduced at Legacy of the Bretons , and according to its developers, it will offer us up to 30 hours of unique content of history. In this new chapter, the player can explore in depth the old home of the Bretons and experience a noble housing society to the edge of a war.

In terms of content, High Isle will allow us to explore a new area that will take us to places never before seen. Besides that we will have a complex narrative full of politics, honor, and intrigue that as I mentioned earlier, it will be linked to Legacy of the Bretons . In the same way, a new system called Tales of Tribute was created, a set of collectible letters where you can face other NPCs and players, and from which I will talk about it later.

Of course, there will also be new Companions, Ember and Isobel , which will be able to join your adventures once you know them. Within these same adventures you will find new World Events known as Fissures , which will provide an additional level of challenge for the most experienced players. Obviously, there will also be new Delves, Public Dungeons, World Bosses, and a wide variety of missions.

As I talked it before, in High Isle you can discover a part of NIRN never before seen not only at The Elder Scrolls Online, but throughout the franchise. It is the old island home of the elite of Breton . Inside the Systres Archipelago awaits you a lot of tropical biomes full of majestic castles and extensive jungles, all this accompanied by endless missions.

Tales of Tribute, The new card game introduced in this expansion, will allow you to face other NPCs, but also against other players in a qualifying system. To dominate this game completely, it will be necessary to put together a huge deck with all kinds of cards. To unlock these letters you must challenge other NPCs, which will be distributed along the taverns of all Tamriel . Every time you win you will get different rewards, including achievements, collectibles, and more.

On the other hand, it is also confirmed that the update number 34 of The Elder Scrolls Online will also introduce texts and subtitles in Spanish, and this patch is planned to debut with High Isle The next June 6 For PC, Mac and Stadia. For its part, players in console must wait until June 21.

Rockstar makes GTA-Online

Rockstar Games Is Giving ALL Players FREE Money In GTA 5 Online... HUGE Ban Wave Explained & MORE!
A GTA online player gets an unexpected financial syringe of Rockstar – but massive Ingame coal does not grow over the developer. In fact, the money present is so carnty that the community is delicious about it.

GTA Online: Kleinvieh also makes crap!

Cars, weapons, companies – life in the gangster metropolis of GTA online is not cheap. Even the monthly money gift from a million dollars is now considered a nice deposit for most objects. But rather money than no money, right?

Recently, Reddit-User DevonMatrix was congratulated by GTA online that he won money. The amount was so curious that he had to post him in the forum, whereupon great laughter broke out.

The amount that Reddit User DevonMatrix has won, amounts to full 705 dollars . In the post office, the amused players expect how far 705 dollars could bring the fan into GTA online. A taxi ride would be in it, if the daily costs would not come in between.

Even if developer Rockstar is known for his humor, will the payment be due to a bug . Because compared to the millions earning the gangsters in GTA online, 705 dollars are more like a nice tip for the valet parking at the casino.

New changes of GTA Online submitted by Rockstar Games

GTA online and GTA V are finally available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S platforms, which means that players now have expanded and improved versions of the game they were waiting. Apparently, those updated versions are not the end of Rockstar Games plans for those GTA games, since the developer was mocked in his last news publication about his releases that there are more plans to “improve and adjust the gta online experience. Some of the planned adjustments have already been made and get more advanced for the future.

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online Out Now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
The conversations of what is to come GTA online They shared towards the end of the last news publication about the game online Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar reminded players that the game versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S pay more at Biker Sell Missions and Nightclub Daily Income to encourage players to use those features more and make the rewards more online with the expectations. In addition to these changes, more areas will be rebalanced, such as PVP elements related to the use of vehicles.

«As we continue to improve and refine the gta online experience, we have also made adjustments to increase basic payments in Biker Sell Missions and Nightclub Daily Income at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S», Rockstar Games said about those versions of Games and changes already made in GTA online. “In the future, we plan to continue making more adjustments in all versions of the game, as well as rebalancing other areas, such as vehicles that are commonly used in PVP combat. Stay tuned for more details”.

Although we still do not know what are those gta online the changes will be seen beyond the teasing of the vehicles, Rockstar has been quite consistent with respect to his week GTA online and gta v publications, so that at least we know where to look for the news. It is possible that these changes are slowly integrated into weekly updates as we have seen in the past instead of a great fall, so be attentive to those frequent ads to see what changes.

GTA online guide: step by step, where to start, tips and tricks

online GTA is the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V, also known as Grand Flight Automatic 5 or GTA 5 . Located in the city of The Saints Developer Rock Stars Open World originally released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, before being worn on the PS4 in 2014 and PS5 EN 2022. We have awarded the game a 9/10 in our GTA 5 PS4 Review as describing it as a “stellar creation”.

In this online GTA guide we will share our step by step Where to start In this epic online sand bin, including many tips and tricks for beginners * . Throughout this page, we will show you how to make money quickly and how to spend it with the best weapons and weapons to buy ** and best cars and vehicles to buy and to own. We will also visit best things to do first in Los Santos ***.

You will also find answers to other frequently asked questions, as how to become CEO Best Company MC to buy and How to win millions with Cayo Perico Heist . Read more for a full intensive course on one of the most important and varied multiplayer games on the market, including how to build a criminal empire and write your name in Les Saints Legend. And if you are looking for more Grand Theft Auto, see our GTA Trilogy Guide .

GTA online guide: where to start the step by step

Online GTA is a dense and rewarding experience, but it can also be upsetting. Rockstar has spent years adding new content to Saints and it can be difficult to know where to start . The easy answer to this question is simply to experiment and see what tents you, but the new players often look for a little more advice than that.

Fortunately, our online GTA guide ** can help. In this section of the guide, we will introduce you to a few pages that will help you determine where to start once at the Los Santos International Airport:

  • GTA Online: Best Company, Vehicles and Weapons of Career Builder to choose : Those of you who benefit from the new Career Builder tool will want to make the best decisions when it comes to shape their criminal career. Fortunately, we can help you. This guide will guide you through the options available to you, as well as the best businesses, vehicles and weapons to choose from with your $ 4,000,000 GTA.
  • GTA Online: Best things to do first in Los Santos : This guide serves tourist information for new GTA online players. You will find a list of the most popular destinations in Los Santos, which will help you familiarize yourself with all the things you can do in the game.
  • GTA Online: How to make money quickly : If you are looking for a more written introduction to GTA Online, this guide will show you how you can switch from the penny to the penthouse. This guide includes lists of control and feasible tasks, which will help you not only see the wealth of activities that the game has to offer, but will also help you make a lot of money along the way.

GTA Online Guide: Step by Step Procedure for Money

Money turns the world to Los Santos, and if you want to do anything in GTA online So you need to know how to make money fast . You will use your hard earned money GTA $ to buy and update your Companies Launch Turnover and even splash of beautiful things, such as best cars and vehicles to buy and own **.

For the rest of our online GTA guide , we will present the concepts that will make you a millionaire. Whether you are a long-standing player seeking to maximize your profits or a newcomer trying to write your own history of riches in the land of freedom, your bank balance will increase in no time.

  • GTA online: How to make money quickly

GTA Online Guide: step by step procedure for business and management

Leading a clandestine commercial empire is one of the most rewarding things you can do in GTA online And it’s the answer to one of the most common questions of the game: How to win money quickly . There are 13 companies You can own and manage in Los Santos. They are:

  • Falsification offices **
  • Weed farms
  • Methamphetamine laboratories
  • Cocaine confines
  • Special freight warehouses
  • Vehicle freight warehouses
  • Nightclubs
  • bunkers
  • Hangars
  • Automobile workshops
  • Agencies

For this next part of our online GTA guide We will explain to you how to become rich with all companies in Les Saints . We will present the management concepts explains how to maximize profit with each organization, and best to expand and upgrade your criminal industry.

All business guides

  • GTA Online: Best companies ™ to buy
  • GTA online: Best nightclub to buy
  • GTA Online: How to get rich with warehouse management at the disco
  • GTA Online: Best Office To Buy
  • GTA Online: How to get rich with cargo vehicles and special cargo at the office
  • GTA online: Best bunker to buy and how to become rich thanks to the Gunrunning
  • GTA online: Best hangar to buy and how to become rich thanks to smuggling
  • GTA Online: Best Arcade to Buy and How to Start Diamond Casino Heist
  • GTA Online: Best Automotive Store To Buy
  • GTA Online: Best agency to buy

GTA online guide: step by step procedure for burglaries

Trucks are one of the headlight activities of GTA online , allowing you to accommodate and perform missions on several levels with friends and foreigners ending with enormous gains. Rockstar has released four types of Flight in GTA online to date: Turnover Apocalyptic steering Casino Diamond Turnover Cayo Perico .

In this part of our online GTA guide we will present some tips, strategies and general advice to start the different robbies and succeed. Remember, even though most of the robberies on this list will require several players, Cayo Perico ** steering can be completed alone.


  • GTA online: How to start the robbery of Cayo Perico
  • GTA Online: How to win millions with Cayo Perico Heist

Diamond Casino Trust

  • GTA Online: Best Arcade to Buy and How to Start Diamond Casino Heist

GTA ONLINE: step by step procedure of the buyer’s guide

We have already explained How to make money quickly In our online GTA guide , but with as many content in the game, you will probably also need help to spend it. Between the tastes of cache and transport of Warstock and legendary mechanical sports There are hundreds of articles all in the running for your hard earned GTA $ and it is even before you Take into account the tastes of Super Autos from southern San Andreas and the formidable quai tease **.

It’s important to remember to have fun, so you should not worry too much about buying things that are not meta unless you are actively trying to save money. However, in this section of the page, we will recommend some of the best cars and vehicles to buy and own as well as best weapons and weapons to buy ** and many more.

  • GTA online: Top cars and vehicles to buy and own
  • Online GTA: Fastest cars
  • GTA online: Best weapons and weapons to buy

GTA online guide: FAQ and other step-by-step procedures

Online GTA is a unnecessarily complicated game, and Rockstar does not always do a great job to explain the operation of some systems. As part of our online GTA guide Next, we will respond to some FAQs that should, hopefully, help you understand some of the most puzzle mechanisms of the title, as well as to detail various other Aspects that you may not know, including for Solo GTA 5 game.


  • GTA Online: How to transfer your character from PS4 to PS5
  • GTA Online: How to play solo and avoid sorrows
  • GTA Online: How to Disable Players
  • GTA Online: How to become CEO
  • GTA online: How to become president of a motorcycle club
  • GTA Online: How to sell cars
  • GTA online: How to customize your radio
  • GTA Online: Is it free to play?


GTA Online FOR DUMMIES! Complete SOLO Beginner & Business Guide to Make Money FAST in GTA Online
* GTA Online: Best Multiplayer Modes and Jobs

Sacred Tunels

  • GTA online: How to find the LS Car Meet and become a member
  • GTA online: How to upgrade cars with special Hao
  • GTA Online: All cars are compatible with Hao’s special work setting upgrades
  • Online GTA: All Purposes of Circoloco Records USB Keys **
  • GTA online: All the locations of the wrecks

The contract

  • GTA Online: How to Start Contract

Weekly update

  • Weekly update of GTA Online


  • GTA 5: All differences between PS5 and PS4
  • GTA 5: How to transfer the progression of PS4 backup data to PS5
  • Tips GTA 5: All cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Silver GTA 5: How to control the stock market and buy everything in the game

GTA online guide: tips and tricks for beginners

We hope that our online GTA guide ** has already introduced some of the most complex mechanisms and systems of the game. However, there are also a number of bases that newcomers have to assimilate and always keep in mind when they play.

Familiarize yourself with the Interaction menu

The Interactive Menu is, in fact, Rockstar adding hundreds of additional buttons to your dualsense or dual shock 4 joystick. This is not the most elegant solution, but you have to get used to it if you plan to do anything in GTA Online. Not only will you need interactive menu Learn How to become CEO But it is also where you can ask for personal vehicles, See your daily goals and even define * Waypoints . You can access the Interactive Menu * by holding down the touchpad, and you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with all its features and functions before doing anything else in GTA Online.

Eat snacks to recover

Almost all GTA online players regret their teammates who do not eat Snacks Especially for Trucks . But to be fair, Rockstar is to blame here: it does not really intrinate the concept. As you probably already know, if you suffer damage in GTA 5, you will only hell at mid-way. In order to fully recover your health, go to the Interactive Menu by holding down the touchpad and select Inventory > Snacks . You can buy snacks stores around Los Santos, but some places like Office and Automotive Workshop Really provide you with free supplies.

Do not be taken in the mill

It’s too easy in GTA online to slip into a routine, like those described in our how to make money quickly guide and end up hating the game. Although it’s fun to make a lot of money In Los Santos, it’s always worth remembering why…

“Grand Theft Auto V” The price of the next generation machine is released. At least 50% off sale of 3 months after release

RockStar Games has published the price of the next generation of “ GRAND THEFT AUTO V ” (hereinafter GTAV) and “ GTA ONLINE ” on March 8th. The price system seems to be somewhat complicated due to differences between platforms and sailing. Also, in both the PlayStation platform and the Xbox platform, the upgrade plan from the current plane is not available.

“GTAV” in the PlayStation 5 version is a 75% off sale within 3 months from Launch, and can be obtained at $ 9.99 (approximately 1100 yen). After 3 months later, the game is provided at $ 39.99 (about 4400 yen). On the other hand, the stand-alone version “GTA ONLINE” can be obtained free of charge within three months of Launch. After 3 months later, it is sold at $ 19.99 (approximately 2200 yen).

On the other hand, about “GTAV” of Xbox Series X | S version, we conducted 50% off sale for three months from the release. The price is sold at $ 19.99 (approximately 2200 yen). After 3 months later, it is scheduled to be sold at $ 39.99 (about 4400 yen). Also, for the stand-alone version of “GTA Online”, it is possible to purchase at $ 9.99 (approximately 1100 yen) for three months from the release. After 3 months later, it will be sold by $ 19.99 (approximately 2200 yen).

Various elements have been added to the next generation of “GTAV” and “GTA Online”. “GTAV” is equipped with three graphic modes. “FIDELITY MODE” is a mode of image quality, and Ray Tracing is applied to 4K image quality on PS5 and Xbox Series X. In Xbox Series S, it corresponds to 4K. Frame rate is 30 fps. Performance is prioritized in “Performance Mode” and the frame rate is 60 fps. PS5 / Xbox Series X corresponds to 4K image quality, and the resolution at Xbox Series S is 1080P. In addition, “Performance RT Mode” that can be selected only for PS5 / XBOX SERIES X. Here we apply ray tracing while maintaining 4K image quality, and the frame rate maintains 60 fps.

In addition, load time is shortened. The variety of population and traffic in the city increases and the density of vegetation is also increasing. In addition to improving the quality of writing, the depiction of water surface reflections and the like is also improved. Furthermore, in addition to anti-aliases and motion blur, there is also a quality up of explosion and flame depiction. Also, in the PS5 version, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Taste the feel of weather effects, damage, the textual texture on the street, explosion. Also, in the PS5 version, TEMPEST 3D audio, Xbox Series X | S corresponds to Spatial Sound, and enliven the sound.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer

In “GTA Online”, new vehicles will be added, and Hao’s Special Works will be held as Ross-Santos’s curmmation. Hao’s Special Works offers car upgrades and new class laces riding a specially coordinated car, and a weekly time trial. Furthermore, it is also possible to try newly adjusted cars for free with premium test ride. There are many improvements in the QOL plane, such as changing tutorials and improvement of the main menu.

The PlayStation 4 / Xbox ONE player can take over the progress of the “GTAV” story mode and the character at the current “GTA Online” to the PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X | S version. “GTAV” already can upload save data to RockStar Games Social Club. From the current account of “GTAV”, the game tab of the pose menu is opened and uploaded. Note that only one save data that can be uploaded for each platform, and the data retention period is 90 days. “GTA ONLINE” allows data to take over from March 15.

“GRAND THEFT AUTO V” “GTA ONLINE” Next-generation machine is scheduled to be released on March 15.

GTA 5 and GTA Online: How to transfer your PS4 / Xbox One game to PS5 / Xbox Series

GTA 5 and GTA Online are more and closer to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, the third generation of consoles in which you can enjoy a videogame capable of overcoming the 160 million units Saved around the world. Those who currently have Grand Theft Auto V and play both individually and GTA Online and want to move their progress to PS5 / Xbox Series will be able to do it without losing anything on the road. We explain it to you.

How to transfer your GTA 5 character and GTA online from PS4 / Xbox One to PS5 / Xbox Series

GTA 5 players at PS4 and Xbox One can already transfer their progress from individual mode and their characters and progress of GTA online to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, or between platforms. The transfer is unique (only once) and irreversible.

  1. To transfer your departure you just have to upload a game saved to Social Club of Rockstar Games.
  2. To begin the process, start GTA 5 with the account of your current console.

How To Transfer Your GTA Online Character To The New Expanded a& Enhanced Version of GTA Online
3. Next, go to the tab _ heading _ from the pause menu.
4. Choose _ Upload saved game _.

The transfer includes characters, GTA $ (in this cGTAe only between consoles of the same family), progress, statistics, vehicles, properties, weapons, clothing and activities of own creation

There can be no more than one game saved by Platform in the Social Rockstar Games Club. The game will be stored waiting for your download for 90 days. It is already possible to make this transfer, although GTA 5 will not reach PS5 and Xbox series until next week.

GTA 5 and GTA Online, releGTAe date on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online will be available at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S March 15 ; The next Tuesday. The title thus reaches its third generation of consoles, but it is this time where it will reach its definitive version by offering ultra quality graphics of the PC version with new graphic modes.

Specifically, three modes with a resolution up to 4k, an update frequency of up to 60 frames per second, better quality of textures, HDR options and ray tracing. In addition, reduced loading times, surround 3D sound and specific functions on each platform. The physical format version of the game is scheduled for some moment of this April.

We do not know the digital price of GTA 5 in the new generation of consoles, how much it will cost in physical format and how much users will have to pay the title in PS4 and / or Xbox One consoles.

Lord of the Rings Online develops better from modern games Another news was announced

The film trilogy of the Lord of the Rings, based on the homonymous book of the British author JR Tolkien, consists of three epic fantasy movies, action as well as adventures: the Lord of the Rings: The Ring Neighborhood (2001), the Lord of the Rings: The two towers (2002) and also the Lord of the Rings: the return of the King (2003).
The 3 movies were written, produced as well as directed by Peter Jackson, described by Fran Walsh and Philippa Doyens as well as distributed by New Line Movie Theater. Thought about as one of the largest ever-incomed cinematographic jobs, with a global collection of greater than 29 billion USD, [Note 1] The total project lasted eight years, with the simultaneous shooting of the three movies and also rolled totally in the Natal Planet of Jackson, New Zealand.
Despite some variations, trilogy is in general lines to the primary plot of the novel on which it is based. Embed in the make believe globe of the Center Earth, follow the journeys of the Hobbit Frodo Bolton as well as the companions of him on his mission to destroy the special ring as well as therefore make sure the annihilation of the Dark Lord, Sauron. However, that neighborhood is damaged and also Frodo continues the experience next to the faithful buddy of him and also the treacherous Gollum. On the other hand, the magician Gandalf and also Aragon, successor at the expatriation of the throne of Condor, join as well as lead the complimentary land from the middle land throughout a number of battles versus the pressures of evil.
The trilogy collected a fantastic blockbuster: the movies got to, respectively, the placements 26th, 19th and also 6th among the most boxes in history. They were likewise acclaimed by criticism, getting a total of seventeen Oscar honors, 10 BAFTA awards and 4 Golden Globe Awards, in addition to extensive applauds in the direction of the circulation and technologies in regard to special digital impacts. Each film of the trilogy was editioned as an extended version, released a year after the DVD launch of the forecasted version in the theater.

The Lord of the Rings Online (2021) - Gameplay (PC UHD) [4K60FPS]

What’s like what, but Lord of the Rings Online players can not complain about the lack of attractions. Despite the advanced age of their production (LOTTO made his debut in 2007), we still get a lot of new content. After the debut of the The Fate of Undated, Standing Stone Games announced another news to the game that will go to play in February next year (together with Update 32). What will we get? New Rally: Bianka, The Hidden hoard New Region: Angle of Michael (for players with MID Level) Legendary Items Reward Track Error Housing Spring Festival Photos of the new region: Let’s also not forget about the great game upgrade, which should also come in 2022. The game interface will change, we will receive a long-awaited scaling to 4K, new visual effects will appear, there will be Revamped of tracking tasks and world map, we will also get new customization options (new hairstyles, faces, etc.) and much more. You play here.

GTA 5 and GTA Online the enormous update of December live the patch notes revealed

The long-awaited GTA 5 and GTA online The December update is here. Unfortunately, for those who play the way for a player GTA 5, the new update is not very remarkable. However, if you play GTA online, this is the greatest update of the year. As you will know, the update comes with The Contract, a new content block that includes seven new missions and a large amount of additional content. Meanwhile, it also presents Dr. Dre and Family Faces as Franklin in history for a player.

At the time of publication, it is not clear how big the update is in terms of its file size, but it is certain that the file size can take a time to download if the extensive patch notes are below are an indication of its size. Also, and as always, it is likely that the size of the file varies from one platform to another.

Next, you can check the official and complete patch notes of the update, Rock star Support Courtesy:

[December 15, 2021] — New content in Grand Theft Auto Online

The contract has been added to GTA Online. Today’s update includes 7 new cars, 3 new weapons, ownership of the agency, Dr. Dre Contract Missions, Security Contracts, Public Telephone Calls, Radio Station Potomac Los Saints, New Music on Radio Los Santos and West Coast Classics, Studios Record, Short Travel, Clothing and New Accessories, Quality of Life Updates and more.
Property of the Agency:
A new multistory property that acts as a base of operations for F. Clinton & Partner. It can be purchased from The purchase of the property of the agency gives owners access to several new features, including new GTA online history missions for individual players or groups.
The Dr. Dre contract:
After associating with Franklin Clinton at him and establishing the business, players can start new history missions that have them working with Dr. Dre to recover valuable stolen properties. These missions can be played alone or with other players.
Safety contracts:
Safety contracts are missions of free mode that start from the agency’s computer. These are jobs for your customers who need help. Safety contracts have several levels of difficulty that can increase the reward in cash for completing them:
Retrieve valuables
Vehicle recovery
Gang completion
Rescue operation
Asset protection
Liquidate assets
Access to public telephones:
Public telephone hits are missions in a free way that assign players the task of eliminating an objective and come with additional rewards to meet special criteria, such as using certain weapons, vehicles, kill in places or specific times. These missions begin by responding to the public telephones that sound on the entire map and can be accessed after completing some security contracts.
Three new weapons have been added to GTA Online:
Heavy rifle available in Ammunition or at the Emery of the Agency
EMP compact pitcher Available in the agency armory
Paralyzing gun available in the Emery of the Agency
Four new weapons finishes. These can be unlocked by completing a specific game of The Contract:
Bone finish (pump shotgun)
Families end (heavy rifle)
Organic finishing (micro SMG)
Record an end (AP gun)
Seven new vehicles have been added to GTA Online:
Sister Aston
Bravado Buffalo STX
Champion debauchee.
Lambada cinquemila
Deity of Ends
Pegasus Gnus.
Ends Jubilee.
Studies Record A:
Record A Studios is a new social space of music studio added to GTA Online. Here, players can see Dr. Dre at work and socialize with other players.
Short trips:
Short trips are missions for two players available after completing the Dr. Dre contract.
More than 300 clothes items have been added for male and female characters in GTA online.
28 new tattoos have been added for male and female characters in GTA online.
14 new facial paintings have been added to GTA online.
New collectables of multimedia sticks have been added to GTA online.
A new hairstyle was added for male and female characters in GTA online.
A new radio station called ‘Potomac Los Santos’ A GTA Online has been added.
New music has been added to Radio Los Santos and West Coast Classics.
Several new prizes of the Pause to GTA Online menu have been added.
Several new daily goals have been added to GTA Online.

Quality of life updates

Players will receive fewer phone calls in GTA online. Players will see the addition of new map signals, bookmarks and help text to replace phone calls.
The daily rates in GTA Online have been reduced.
The arcade game ‘QUB3D’ has been added to the area above Auto Shop.
Players can now modify the number of turns that must be completed in the face-to-face races of LS Car Meet. The rewards increase by completing more turns.

GTA 5 Online The Contract DLC Update - NEW DETAILS! Unreleased Content, Major Overhauls & MORE!
Players are now rewarded with the reputation of LS Car Meet for completing automobile workshop contracts, deliveries to customers and deliveries of exotic exports.
Secure ability has been increased in the nightclub and the game room.

Stability and performance of the game

A blockade was corrected on the PC that occasionally happened after being inactive at the car store.
A blocking was corrected that was happening when you join friends after seeing a clip in the Rock star Editor.

Matchmaking and Networking

Various problems were corrected that affected the match on GTA online.
Several problems were corrected that caused the players to be stuck during the transition between the content of GTA Online.
A problem was solved that caused players to be placed in incorrect halls after using the ‘fast work’ option.
A problem was solved that caused the players to receive the alert incorrectly The player is no longer in session. When trying ‘join the game’ with a friend from your Steam’s list of friends.
A problem was solved that caused players to stay stuck in the camera of the sky after choosing to reproduce The Agency Deal — Finish on the next job voting screen.


A problem was solved that caused players to have a reuse time of an hour incorrectly when trying to start the PERCO Mayo blow — final.
A problem was solved that caused a door to be closed incorrectly, blocking the progression of the mission in Mayo PERCO Heist — Finale.
A problem was solved that caused the drainage tunnel door to appear as cut at Mayo PERCO Heist — Finale.
A problem was solved that caused players to stay without functionality after dying during The Agency Deal — Finale.
A problem was solved that the players would collide with another vehicle by appearing after leaving the garage at The Union Depository Contract — Elevator Key.
A problem that caused enemies would be invincible in the bank contract: thermal charges.
A problem was solved that caused the players could not leave the methamphetamine laboratories at The Lost Contract — Finale.
A problem was solved that caused the players could not place the explosives at The Lost Contract — Finale.
A problem was solved that caused the delivery location of the vehicle to be different from which the player had chosen in the Union Deposit Agreement: Final.
The generation problems were corrected that were present in adversary mode — KART RAH: fully automatic
A problem was solved that caused players to stay stuck on a black screen after completing a persecution race.
A problem was solved that caused the police to not appear during the chase races.
A problem was solved that caused players from not indications when trying to repair a vehicle for the repair and modification business.
A problem was solved that caused the message to buy vehicle to appear incorrectly when trying to modify a vehicle for the repair and modification business.
A problem that caused players could not collect the collective Media Stick in the Goodman car at the LS Car Meet.
A problem was solved that it meant that the finalists would not receive a bonus for the first time after completing their first race LS Car Meet Sprint.
A problem was solved that caused the players to receive an incorrect reward after collecting all the collectables of the shipwreck.
A problem that caused players from appearing outside the limits during the work of special vehicles: seizure of assets.


A problem was solved that caused players to stay stuck on a black screen after trying to enter another player’s cars store.
A problem was solved that caused players to stay stuck on the ramp when they tried to enter the car store.
A problem was solved that caused the characters of the players to move while playing Race & Chase Arcade Game in Auto Shop.
A problem that caused players from being stuck on a black screen after attempting to leave the mobile operation center in the scramjet.
A problem was solved that caused the modification menu to collapse incorrectly while in the vehicle workshop of the Mobile Operations Center.
A problem that caused players could not enter their Osaka was solved.
A problem was solved that caused the characters from other players to appear using their Osaka periscope when they used their own.
A problem was solved that caused the characters from other players to appear using their Osaka Heist planning table when they used their own.
A problem was solved that caused the player’s Osaka to be destroyed with a rocket.
A problem was solved that caused the players to appear under the map by appearing in his Osaka after joining a new session.
A problem was solved that caused the green juice to appear floating at the cars store.
A problem was solved that caused the Pegasus toreador to collide with an arcade machine when leaving the Auto Shop Mod store.
Solved a problem that meant that players could walk on other players’ cars while they were modified in LS Car Meet Mod Shop.

A problem that caused players would be stuck on a black screen when they moved to a space parked from the car mods store while they were passengers in another player’s personal vehicle.
A problem that caused players could not be able to buy the garage add-on for their property of Office.


A problem was solved that caused Karin Karma without armor to be bulletproof.
A problem was solved that caused the camera in the first person to cross the modifications of TRACK SEAT by looking back at Annie Remus.


Several transaction errors that occurred on the PC were corrected.
A problem was solved that caused the players could not buy any of the Chrome Wheels Tuner in Auto Shop Mod Shop.
A problem was solved that caused the mods purchased at another player’s Auto Shop Mod store did not persist in their vehicle.
The areas of LS Car Meet were corrected where players could get stuck.
A problem was solved that caused the ‘return’ user interface from the head-to-head race of LS Car Meet was not visible.
The problems of the user interface that occurred when having the ‘TEST Track’ menu of LS Car Meet and the Bruce menu ‘Bull Shark Testosterone’ on the screen was corrected.
A problem was solved that caused the menu ‘personal vehicle administration’ in LS Car Meet will not work.
A problem was solved that players would be stuck on a black screen by entering the LS Car Meet test track as a passenger in another player’s car.
A problem was solved that caused some prizes to the Saints Tuners Awards to have incorrect images.
A problem that caused the quick work option ‘random’ will take players to the list of ‘activities’.
A problem was solved that caused some arcade games to have an incorrect help text in the Japanese version of the game.
A problem that caused players would be stuck without functionality after choosing to store the reward of Casino Heist Ends Paragon R (Armored) on one of their properties.
A problem was solved that caused the option of the pause menu ‘play jobs’ was not incorrectly available.
A problem was solved that caused players from not received a call from Simeon, which meant they could not buy properties after reaching the range 5 in GTA Online.

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