Qatar's World Cup 2022 workers: 'We may as well just die here' | Guardian Investigations

The search for a World Cup quarters for the German soccer national team goes into the hot phase. On Tuesday, a DFB delegation cited by Director Oliver Bierhoff traveled again to Qatar to look at potential team quarters and training places in the host site of the Winter World Cup (21st November to 18 December) to Friday and to lead more discussions. “We currently have several options for the team quarters in Qatar, but still no clear tendency,” Bierhoff said, “We want to inform us about the local quarters for another time on the spot.” The working conditions would be included. “Our local contractors need to be measured on established standards and comply with them,” emphasized the DFB Director. In Doha also meetings include Claudius Fischbach, the German Ambassador in Qatar, and representatives of the Qatar Foundation Foundation Foundation.