On the 12th of November 2020, the PlayStation 5 was officially published in Japan and the United States. A week later, the White Colossus appeared in Europe. Since then, more than a year has passed and has changed since then, now yes, not much. The PS5 is still a phantom in local electric markets, there are hardly exclusive games and I do not understand the hype around the console.

Rare as a pot full of gold

A lot is spoken about the PlayStation 5. Mostly it is that you are nowhere available. Except for outrageous prices on eBay and Co. NA well. Meanwhile you get the console with a little luck, if you are in any telegram or whatsapp group, where you will be informed lightning fast, if dealer xy has the rare piece of technology again in the assortment. So for a few minutes. Or seconds. I’ve never seen a PS5 in the wild, so media market, for example.


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Gregor Elswood

Responsible for this state is the international chip deficiency , which is a direct result of the corona pandemic. Of this, however, not only Sony is affected, but almost every manufacturer and users of electrical appliances. For example, the auto industry. But back to the true problem: Since the PS5 enjoys the status of a unicorn, on the one hand the scarcity effect makes the rare objects particularly popular, while many players are unfortunate that they can not play on the latest console. Quite as if you would like to miss something. But that’s not the case.

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Anticipation is the greatest joy

Let’s turn the watches back short! I myself have received the console one day before the official release in Germany, because Amazon seems to sweeten the day and that worked. I have never updated my order status at DHL so often so that I could pursue in real time when arrives the next-Gen wonder with me. Well, the PS5 arrived at least (over) punctually with me, I was happy and spent the next few days with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the really beautiful and preinstalled Tech Demo Astro’s Playroom.

And then, well, then already put the disillusionment . The console itself is beautiful, the controller feels great, but generally, the PS5 simply left a lot of wishes and felt in some ways like a reverse step . The area with the trophies did not look more appealing, there was no activity feed anymore and you could not set your own backgrounds. What is particularly ironically because not a few games send, sometimes even animated wallpapers offered as a digital bonus for pre-orderers.

PS5: What has happened since the release?

But good, the console was still young and updates will certainly be remedied, right? Unfortunately, no. Also 14 months later, there is no activity feed that informs me about what my friends play what trophies they have unlocked or if they are just sharing a gameplay clip. Only the layout of the trophies has been adjusted so that it looks more after the layout of the PS4. Yeah! For many players, that’s probably just little things, so we talk about the elephant in the room: the missing games. Or better said The missing exclusivity .

The fact is, there is as good as no “real” PS5 games. There are many games that carry a PS5 logo, but almost all these games are available for the previous generation. The tangen exceptions can be counted on one hand . Since, among others, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or even Returnal. The latter cost to the start of juicy 80 euros. A pricing policy that I did not want to support at that time. And then it is already slim on the exclusive front.


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Christopher Bahner

Of course there is the demon’s souls remake, but that’s just a remake and ratchet & clank is just a further continuation. Do not misunderstand, both games are outstanding in their way, but That can not really have been all! The PS5 is finally in your second year. What brings us to the next point: the future blockbusters.

Who has a PS4 does not need PS5

Many upcoming triple-a-games still appear for both generations , so ps4 and ps5. Among them Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West. Of course you will be able to enjoy some technical advantages on the PS5, as already to the release at Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales the case was (shorter loading times and raytracing), but basically the user experience will be almost equal to? Do not care if you play the game on the PS4 or the PS5. Technical offices like his time at Middle earth: Mordors Shadow, which appeared for the PS4, but also in a disastrous state for the PS3, will no longer exist (here a comparison video).

And of course I’m completely clear to me why that’s done! The sales of the PS5 are barely ahead (see the mentioned chip deficiency), so new games become first and foremost and in principle out of necessity, still optimized for the old console, because there (still) the biggest buyers sitting. Large blockbuses cost a lot of money, businesses as much profit as possible, etc. Everything logical, but also frustrating.

The future of the PS5

In this respect, it is not surprising that since the PS5 I release, I almost use the console exclusively for PS4 games. And with a look at the year 2022 will not change much. Stand Now this year no single blockbuster game will appear that it will only be for the PlayStation 5.


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Jasmine Peukert

Sure, console exclusivity is a sensitive topic and the reproach “The old generation brakes the technical possibilities!” Is not new, but for me exclusive games always made the special charm of a console. You are part of your identity and my main reason of old generation “LOVE WORLD!” To say. And yes, in the end, Corona is to blame for everything anyway, but therefore let me complete this comment with the headline: Sony’s Next-Gen console is worth (yet) .