ESL (previously Digital Sports League, Electronic Sport League in French) is a league for digital sports gamers (likewise called Esport). Established in 1997 under the name Deutsche Claudia (DEAL), German clan league, it is the earliest league of this type with regarding 7,800,000 advertised customers as well as greater than 12,671,345 games played in 97,412 different events. His most significant opponent was clan base.

In the period 7 to 22 February, 95 games in the NHL were now released. In the two months from mid-November to mid-January, the League had canceled 98 games because of many Corona Falls at teams. These encounters are now all new, 23 more lots have been laid on a new appointment for this reason. For the coming months, the North American league has now diminished its test strategy significantly.

The New York Islanders affected by failures will now be able to issue no less than 50 games in just 99 days to the end of the main round at the end of April through the relays.


Because of the many unusual games and the pressure to retrieve them until the planned end of the main round on April 29, NHL had withdrawn their Olympia commitment. The tournament in Beijing, which starts three weeks, takes place again without the NHL stars.

Four years ago in Pyongyang, no players from the North American professional league were there — then the NHL of the Asian market was not attractive enough. The professionals were denied the release.