The Brazilian superstar Neymar can imagine his career rather in the US than in Brazil.

“I do not know if I play again in Brazil. I have great desire to play in the US, at least for a season,” he said in the podcast “Fenômenos” with the former Brazilian world star Ronaldo. The championship there was short, so he had three months holidays, Neymar Kerzend said to justification: “I would play for many years.”

Neymar Humiliating Everyone with Brazil
The question of how long he has been going to play, the 30-year-old said: “With my friends I joke that is 32 enough.” But honestly, he did not know it. “I will play until I’m tired.” In addition, Neymar at Paris Saint-Germain has contract until 2025. Then he is 34. “So, until then I play.”

This year is also the World Cup in Qatar, for which Neymar except Brazil also called France, Germany, Argentina and Spain as a favorite.

The long-distanced ratio of the Brazilian fans to their national team saddened him. “That’s very sad that I play in a generation game in which the national team is not much important.”