We will share our status and tasks with various other Discord customers from PlayStation Spain have actually confirmed that PS5 as well as PS4 customers can currently link their PlayStation Network account with discord . Currently we remain to have the application to incorporate discord, nevertheless, linking our accounts will certainly allow us to share our condition and also activities with other Discord customers, in addition to on-line ID of PSN, video games and also time That we have been playing them.

The arrival of Discord to PlayStation has actually been noted by a strip and loosen handled in 2014 which it likewise included Microsoft, after an effort to acquire the signature. The preferred communication service amongst the players’ neighborhood came to the United States both in PlayStation 4 as well as in the brand-new generation of Sony, with the Assurance to land in even more countries in the future.

How to Connect PSN to Discord in 2022! - PS4/PS5
From PlayStation they have shared the method to connect our accounts:

Bear in mind that if you set ‘ offline ‘ as a standing of PSN, will certainly not be presented either in Discord , similar to the surprise game settings will certainly also be reflected in DISCORD. If you ultimately choose to disconnect PlayStation Network discord, you will certainly need to go to PSN settings to execute the operation:

At the end of 2021, the messaging service introduced a program for Premium Subscriptions that would certainly enable the proprietors of the web servers their money making.