Popular Story RPG “Trajectory” series that Japan Falcom will come. It is known as a leading motivation of the same series, and “Nayuki’s trajectory” incorporating an action RPG element is released on May 26, 2022 as Nintendosewich transplantation version “Nayuki Astrology Ad Astra”.

In addition to such a book deeperly, Inside invited Mr. Fujimura Sicin, an ancient Greek Greek mythologist, which is well known from the gamer, and the essence leading to his specialized area is also “Nayuki trajectory” I was scattered or interviewed.

How did Fujimura Sicin saw this work in a slightly special standing position among the “trajectory” series? Let’s deliver that situation that actually played.

# # · Fujimura Sicin

Ancient Greece Greek Mythology Researcher.
In high school, the animation “Saint Seiya” is passionate in the world of ancient Greek history.

Professional is a history of history. He maines cultural history such as myth, ruins, literature, magic, clothing.
NHK course instructor, book “real Greek real”.
Ancient Festival Case Reproduction Event “Ancient Greek Night”.

“Ancient Greek Real”, “The Real of Ancient Greek NEO Star and Constelus (New Version) Supervisory Cooperation, 2020 Tokyo Olympics Boxed NHK Living Changel Temporary Translation etc.

-Thank you for your consideration today. Fujimura-san is often playing in the game before asking questions about “Nayuki Trajectory”?

Mr. Fujimura Shishin (hereinafter referred to as the title abbreviation): I was pretty playing. When it comes to summer vacation, I played in a long role playing game like a “Final Fantasy” series all night. However, there is also a life schedule recently, and it has become unable to play time to play together.

I want to proceed about 12 hours at a stretch than I play every hour every day, and I have lost the opportunity to play quite easily

– Did you choose the game title to be played in the past, and have you chosen one related to Greece?

Fujimura Sicin: That’s right. I feel like I was playing with such a game since then. If it is famous, “God of War” is a quite affordable work such as “Argos Hero”.

–thank you. Then I will move on to the main subject, but about the stage of this work “left behind”. Are there any points that feel the essence of the world history from the architectural style of the ruins remaining on the island?

Fujimura Sicin: Probably different from the world where we live, I think it is a calendar in this work, but it was displayed as “1579” in the beginning of the prologue. I was intuition.

The world view of “the life area of ​​people is built up and the old history has been established,” I feel the ancient Greek. People live on the Sea-sinked ruins, and it is good to feel a glimpse of civilization at the time of forgotten.

– Where is the most image of the most image in the Greek city of Greece?

Fujimura Sicin: It is a pleasure, but it is not a large island. If you say, “Delos Island” floating in the Aegean Sea is close. It is a small island near Mykonos Island with lots of tourist resources, but the ruins that sunk to the sea are stacked, and there is a town where people live on it.

Currently, since the sea surface is higher than the age of ancient Greek, many of the coastal ruins are sinking. So if you dive in the sea, it is not uncommon in Greece that the ruins are found.

– In the world of this work, there is a tradition that “Great flood” has occurred in the world, and the seeds of human beings were destroyed. That’s why I’m going to have a crazy civilization that I was crazy, but I feel that this will lead to Greek history.

Fujimura Sicin: Greece is also a marine city, so in mythology, it tends to buy God’s anger and sink (laughs).

– (Laughs)

Fujimura Sicin: For example, it is “Deucalion’s flood”. The greatest god of Zeus is “I’m getting human being and I’m going to get rid of people” and sink to the sea. However, only human beings of Deucalion have heard that floods will be heard from his relatives, and you have created a box and evacuated with his wife. Deucarion was not a good person or a bad person, but it was saved because he had God for his relatives.

After that, there are also stories that the Atlantis continent, which is a philosopher and Platon, with the Atlantis continent overnight. The flood in Greek mythology is an image called a reset button that the gods triggered to punish the human beings that have been onset.

– What kind of standard is the criteria that God thinks “Human beings” and God think?

Fujimura Sicin: For example, in ancient Greece, you have to dedicate a cow to the gods at the festival. Furthermore, the best cattle will be the best cows, but if humans are “I’m eating it because I eat it!” It is also a reason that you don’t want to do a festival in the first place.

Lightning may be used for the reset button. Lightning is used when aiming at a pinpoint with a specific person, such as “only this guy” rather than humanity. There are various ways to reset humanity.

# Key to be a key is the existence of the moon… In the world of “Nayuki Trajectory”, there was a reason that the earth did not notice that the earth is round! ?

– It is the key to the key of this work. In the world of this work, it is widely believed, and Nayuta, which is a hobby of astronomical observation, is a few exceptions, and “What shall be in the world?”… I’m going to unlike the mystery It will be.

Fujimura Sicin: Certainly Nayuta was beginning to notice that it was a sphere.

-I’m glad if you can hear the story of ancient Greek astronomy that he was tangled with this.

Fujimura Sicin: Ancient Greece has a period of about 800 BC, 500 years after BC, and a period of about 1200 years, and it is an interesting element that you can see the process from plane theory to the sphere theory It is. However, the recently demonstrated record of the principal “The Earth is a sphere” remains.

First of all, the plane theory was widely believed in the same way as this work, and near the Greece around the 6th century BC, Phenikia’s sailors challenged to one round of African continents. So they realize that the sun is visible north, not the sun. Furthermore, it is a phenomenon that it is a phenomenon that the star of South Heavy is turned back in the northern hemisphere, and it is a phenomenon that can not occur if the surface of the earth is not curved, so it is a one far that it was a sphere at that time.

However, it does not mean that it has been demonstrated. At that stage, the earth may be a cube. Well, there is also some of the students who are a sphere, and some people say they are cubes, and the consideration has been advanced to the appearance of Aristotle, about 4th century BC.

-What finds for Aristotle?

Fujimura Sicin: Time of the moon, the Earth will enter between the sun and the moon. This causes the shadow of the earth to be projected to the moon, but it was a circle where the shadow was observed. It is Aristotless that demonstrated for the first time in the form of materials. Thereafter, people who know that the earth is a sphere will think about the size. Ultimately, it is located around the second century BC around the “40,000 km around” that is almost the same as the actual size. It is the main flow of ancient Greek astronomy.

– If Nayuta can also observe “Monthlyfe”….

Fujimura Sicin: Oh, I thought I was looking at the prologue earlier, but I thought it was very palm.

In the world…. There are two months, right?


Fujimura Sicin: If the moon is busy, we will change quite a lot with the earth we live. I wonder if the moon eating will happen in this world, and it’s also a point like that only one month can be reflected.

Fujimura Sicin: Six minutes in the room of Nayuta appearing at the beginning of the story, so I thought it was a world where astronomy has progressed. Conversely, the residents in this world are likely to be misled conversely, when the moon is busy. It is good that there is a star that becomes a mark that looks like the Arctic Star… but assuming that there is no this area, it seems that the earth is a sphere that the earth is a sphere. I’m sorry I’m sorry I would say that this common sense does not work.

– Once you have astronomy (laughs). Other than other elements of this work, did you feel the world historical essence?

Fujimura Sicin: So let’s say gear”. I think that it is a technology later than the 16th century to combine a lot of fine gears and make complex machines.

In fact, something like an analog computer is invented and like an analog computer, and if the handle is turned, there is a machine called “Anti-Kitola Gear” that meshes and calculates for about 50 gears, and such technologies go only for a moment I’m sorry.

– The game system of this work is also characteristic that the “four-season change system” is characterized. Please let me know about the four seasons in Greece.

Fujimura Sicin: Seasonal change is also in ancient Greece. However, there was a difference from the four seasons to image the image, and there were also three seasons such as “Spring Summer Winter” and “Spring Summer Fall” and “Summer” and “Winter”.

The most dependent on modern Japan is June, and in ancient Greece, June will be called “Umbrella Month”. When I heard this, it may be associated with the rainy season, but in the ancient Greece, I have to have a parasol in June, though it is the first day.

In summer, the rainy season comes in the winter. There is a two big seasons such as dry season and rainy season, and it is a sense that you can put in spring and summer autumn and winter finely.

-As a difference in how to think about Japanese people, the “trajectory series” has a cat mascot character called “Michishi” and appears in this work, but “cat” in ancient Greece What is the existence?

Fujimura Sicin: Young cat may be drawn, but it seems that there was no cat as a companion animal. Even if it is an animal for hunting a grove, it is popular in Greece.

Conversely, it is a dog with a friendly animal. Any prey saying “Lilaps” is also a dog that does not miss, and it’s like an inconsistent to escape from any hunter, and it’s a long-ending “contradiction” that does not end forever.

–thank you! Well, finally, please do not actually play this work.

Fujimura Sicin: It was very interesting. As it was an action, I was able to handle it first, but I did not have a cesse for operation, so I was not good at a beginner.

The story is first asked, “whether this world is round is round”, and I’m worried about what kind of adventure to get involved in the future. Also in this world, it looked not to be a practical study whether the earth was round, but the protagonist’s Nayuta was a student type. It is not the purpose of making weapons, but is moving with pure intellectual curiosity. The most scholars in Greece were associated with the flower open age “Hellenism period”.

Those who are playing other series, or even those who do not know the series, and I thought it would be possible to enjoy it, and I enjoyed it with an ancient Greek. I think it is a work that is suitable for those who are intellectual curiosity!

After the interview, “I was also called by the Earth Greek Relationships, even though it was mostly called, it was the first time I was called by the Global Body Theory,” said Fujimura Sicin. Interviews are also a smile, and the game play was also smiling, and enjoyed a lot of wonders full of world views.

Popular Story RPG “Trajectory” series of Japan Falcom. Only Action RPG Switch Transplantation Version “Nay Version Trajectory Ad Astra” will be released on May 26. In a sense, Mr. Shishin Fujimura is also a world of brids, and the hero-Nayu will be able to make any adventure?

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