Ben Simmons was officially presented as a new player of Brooklyn Nets and first revealed themselves publicly to his situation in Philadelphia. Simmons hopes to stand back soon.

“There is no date yet,” Simmons said addressed to his comeback plans. He slowly drive his pensum slowly to be in shape soon, he explained. Its desire is to be back on the court on March 10 at the away game against his ex-team Philadelphia.

Why the entire situation has developed so bad in the past few months in Philadelphia, he could not answer. “If I knew it, I would tell you,” said Simmons on a question. “Internally, over time, many things have happened and it has become a situation that mentally was not good for me. It’s now, as it is,” said the Australian.

His mental health was always a topic on the press conference, she should have been the reason why he wanted to leave the Sixers at all costs. “I just wanted to be sure that I am mentally able to stand back on the square. That’s something that has been busy me for a long time,” said Simmons.

It would not be about the Sixers fans, the trainers or comments that someone has made him, said Simmons. The lost series against the Atlanta Hawks was not the trigger. “I’ve had to fight against the Hawks and the Sixers before the season and the Sixers knew it. It’s just a personal thing I accepted myself and where I work to stand back soon” He led out.

Simmons: Mental problems not reason for the trade

However, his mental health had nothing to do with the trade. “There were a lot of things that I personally worked on, I do not want to take more precisely. Many things have happened and I was just not myself. It never went to basketball, money or anything in the direction. The most important thing for Me was to be happy again, “he said.

Simmons also explained that he talked to Sixers-Coach Doc Rivers and some other players of his ex-team, but not with Joel Embidge, who had repeatedly expressed critical about the Point Guard over the past few weeks. More precisely, he did not want to comment. “Then we would sit here for a while,” he answered the question of whether he wanted to rectify some of the reports of the past months.

In a blockbuster trade, Simmons, who was last in May in the playoffs on the field, was shrinking shortly before the Trade Deadline together with Seth Curry, Andre Drummond and two future rounds for James Harden and Paul Millsap to the Nets.

Simmons: “It gets scary”

“It’s a blessing to be part of such an organization,” said Simmons flanked on the PK of Coach Steve Nash and General Manager Sean Marks. “I’m just looking forward to standing soon in the field and build something great here.”

In the first few days, the trade for Simmons “not real” felt, he explained, shot against his critics who claimed he would have invented his mental problems only to leave Philadelphia. “You should be happy that I can now sit here and smile now. I had some dark times over the past six months and am just happy to be here in this situation with the team and the organization. People can say what You want, that did you have done over the past six months, “says Simmons.

Stephen A. reacts to the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade | NBA Today
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The 25-year-old is also looking forward to the interaction with his new teammates. “I think that’s scary,” he said about the interaction with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. “These players at my side have to have different weapons on the field and the speed we want to play – I think it will be incredible.”