Eisenbicher sent a kisshand into the TV camera, then he called loud “yes!”. His second place on the famous Holmenkollen of Oslo, the German ski jumpers cheerfully cheered and emotional. The fact that it had not served for victory in the direct duel with Olympic champion Marius Lindvik from Norway, was also on Eisenbichler’s landing. “He could have gained when he does the telemark. He still has to work, then he can win,” said Bundestrainer Stefan Horngacher on Saturday evening at ZDF. The podium completed Robert Johansson from Norway.

Eisenbichler’s Kumbel Karl Geiger, who became seventh, was happy with the best German. “He made two sucky jumps. He was really good yesterday, I’m really happy for him. The 1.6 points – I hope he still gets her tomorrow,” Geiger said. The 30-year-old Bayer with the nickname “Ice” had led after the first pass – but after a shaky landing, the two 130-meter jumps were not enough for his fourth World Cup victory, but for two.

Wellinger collects first points since positive corona test

Geiger calmly landed just behind his permanent Kobayashi from Japan, who defended his yellow jersey as a sixth. For the 29-year-old Allgäu there was still a good jump after a mixed mixed on Friday. “I am very satisfied with the competition. These were the two best jumps I’ve shown here,” Geiger said. Before the end of the “Raw Air” tour on Sunday violinists and iron estates are in position as third and fourth. Leadership is the Austrian Stefan Kraft in front of Kobayashi.

Markus Eisenbichler | Men's Large Hill #2 | Willingen | 2nd place | FIS Ski Jumping

Behind the German Top Duo also brought Severin Friend (19th), Andreas Wellinger (25th) and Constantin Schmid (26th) points in the World Cup. For Wellingen it was the first points since he had missed the Olympic Winter Games for a positive corona test and performance. “It’s not ideal from the movement. At least I have made a little step forward,” said Wellinger.

For the women, the Norwegian Silje Opseth had succeeded in a surprising day victory in Norway’s capital. Katharina Althaus has to continue waiting for a podium place after its coronabed quarantine. She still evaluated her fifth rank with positive feelings. “It folded neatly. The jumps were not very optimal, but I’m still very happy with this day,” Althaus said.

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