Open World RPG “ Skyrim ( The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim )” has appeared where MODs are working on the map appeared.

The tool “Skyrim ModMapper” published by Dactyl will find out where MODs that exist on the MOD Shared Sites Nexusmods are “Skylim” map. For example, you can see MOD “Majestic Mountains” that cleans the mountain graphics, and you can see the mountainous area where MOD is reflected.

Skyrim Mods: The Tools of Kagrenac - Part 1

Using this tool, in addition to checking the conflict to some extent before deploying the MOD, it is known that MOD’s competitive substance is represented by the color, so it also knows which region has been modified. It may be inevitable that the big city is displayed in a red, but you can see where the large rivers and so on are red dyed red. PC Gamer is analyzed that this is “Skylim” MOD community priority to make this “smooth flow and realistic water.”

If you have introduced Vortex Extension, a formula manager of NexusMods, select “See On Modmapper” from the menu that appears when you right-click MOD from the list to display the area where MOD is affecting. You can also check the competitors in your MOD environment simply by dragging and dropping the data folder.

“Skyrim ModMapper” is released in a browser. Currently covering only major spaces, it is also said to be working on expansion within buildings and urban areas.