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Champions League: Lothar Matthäus advises BVB as well as FC Bayern

The draw of the Champions League group phase showed exciting ready FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig as well as Eintracht Frankfurt. According to Lothar Matthäus, there are no foolproof success for the Bundesliga clubs. The record nationwide player specifically alerts BVB.

Dortmund has actually not yet executed well, stated Lothar Matthäus at Bild. However: I rely on coach Edin Terzic to get the group under control.

For Borussia Dortmund, the new Champions League season will be reunited with a demonstrator Erling Haaland.

According to the 61-year-old, BVB winds up in 2nd area in his group, behind Haaland’s Citizens. As necessary, Sevilla will certainly third, and 4th location for Copenhagen.

Its new employer Manchester City is located in the team of BVB in addition to FC Sevilla and FC Copenhagen.

However, Matthäus advised the black and also yellow: In the team I see them in front of Seville and Copenhagen, yet they have to take care versus these unpleasant teams.

BVB with a blended document versus FC Sevilla

In the round of 16 of the Champions League 2020/21, BVB had actually directly prevailed after the 2nd leg.

The Borussians still have bad memories of the video games in the group stage of the European League period 2010/11: At that time, Seville saved a 2-2 over time in the second leg, Dortmund ultimately left the third.

The Andalusians in specific are likely to be a hard portion. The balance sheet remains in a connection with four battles that have actually been completed up until now in between both clubs in the European Cup.

FC Bayern stronger than last year

Matthäus just faucets the Catalan in third location behind Inter, out of compassion for his Milan Ex-Club.

For me the Hammer Team! This will not be solo alone for Bayern! Nevertheless: the Bayern team is more powerful than in 2014, claimed the previous Munich and also this in spite of the separation of Robert Lewandowski, that is now storming for Barca.

Second area as well as a warning for BVB, great confidence in FC Bayern: Matthäus faucets the German record champs in the requiring team with FC Barcelona, Inter Milan and Viktoria Pilsen.

does Eintracht Frankfurt deal with the fast?

For me the Hammer Team! Atlético Madrid was withheld, FC Porto and FC Bruges are in its projection in 4th as well as 3rd location.

Cup champion RB Leipzig typed in 2nd place behind Genuine Madrid, due to the fact that: With Donetsk as well as Glasgow (Celtic, note of the editor) you were fortunate. There must be a progress in it, you have the team for it.

The draw of the Champions League group phase showed exciting games for FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig as well as Eintracht Frankfurt. According to Lothar Matthäus, there are no foolproof success for the Bundesliga clubs. The record national player specifically warns BVB.

According to Matthäus, the journey of the premier class likewise ends for novices Eintracht Frankfurt after the team phase.

Atlético Madrid was held back, FC Porto and also FC Bruges remain in its forecast in fourth and third place. It will be a close room fight with postage, but I count on the group! Said Matthew.


Bayer Leverkusen, the fifth Bundesliga club in the Champions League season 2022/23, will also be 2nd even with the outright false begin, says Matthäus.

According to his idea, the Hessen are just 3rd behind Tottenham Hotspur as well as Olympique Marseille, which permits them to assault once again in the Europa League. Lothar Matthäusing will certainly reveal the last group location, Matthäus presumed.

FC Bayern: Basler Watches Financial Dangers

Over the past few days and weeks, the debate on the staff planning of Bayern has kept the football circus on trot. Record international Lothar Matthäus ordered several times with the club bosses of the German football record champion. Now the former Bayern-Star Mario Basler has given his mustard to the dispute theme number one.

Already at active times Mario Basler was known to never take a leaf in front of his mouth. To date, the now 53-year-old has preserved his angular and opinion-strong kind.

At “Lothar Matthäus1”, Basler now gave his assessment to the Contract Poker of Bayern, which would lose in Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller for a present stand, three cornerstones.

“I suppose, in the past 14 days it will have given some conversations,” said the former professional of FC Bayern.

Previously, the official of the record champion had repeatedly been accused of risking a departure of the leadership with their hesitant approach.

Mario Basler advises FC Bayern to patience

According to Basler, the financial dimension of the three personal details is the problem. “It’s not just the package for Lewandowski that the Bavarians have to lace, but also those for Thomas Müller and Manuel New. The Corona pandemic is not simply 500 or 600 million in FC Bayern,” said the Today’s TV expert.

The athletic value of the three stars quantified the ur-Palatinate as equivalent, they all are essential for the “axis at the Bayern”.

However, extensions are probably preceded by the “Champions League revenue for the upcoming quarter and semi-finals” – “,” the Bavarians create it so far, “says Basler.

The conclusion of the former free-kick specialist: “Waiting for the first time before it crashes in financial dangers.”

Lothar Matthew takes BVB

BVB total! #echteLiebe | TV total

Borussia Dortmund has ensured for some peace in the club environment by the 6-0 ridge victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach for the time being. However, the next directional match is imminent. The pressure on BVB coach Marco Rose is thus still big. Record National Player Lothar Matthäus sees first and foremost the team in the bringing debt.

3: 2, 2: 5, 3: 0, 2: 4, 6: 0: Borussia Dortmund experienced a change in the feelings in the past five competitions. Time to breathe away remains the BVB but not. Already on Thursday (21 clock live at RTL and RTL +) stands for the Black Yellow the Europa League second leg against the Rangers from Glasgow on the program.

The Bundesliga club has to make the 2-4 mortgage from the first duel. If the miracle absent, BVB continues to threaten uncomfortable times. In general, coach Marco Rose currently has to ask many uncomfortable questions. Lothar Matthäus does not see the 45-year-old as a major debt for the youngest crisis.

“As far as this team is concerned, I am rather involved the players and their view of performance,” Matthew defended the BVB coach in his “Sky” column: “I’m sure Marco Rose and his team offer everything When it comes to analyzing the opponent, to give the players the tool to the hand, explain everything to you down to the last detail what you have to do in the square. “

“At the end are adult men on the field…”

If the team does not implement the specifications at regular intervals at all, “then it is not always at the coach,” the TV expert made his view clearly.

At the 6-0 success against Gladbach, BVB showed on Sunday from his positive side. However, there is a lack of Dortmundern on the necessary constancy, as Matthäus held.

“Of course, the coach is asked that a team has to give the feeling that she can do that. But in the end, there are adult men in the field, which must also be ripping themselves at the belt, to deliver at week for week,” analyzed the World Champion of 1990. Matthäus’ conclusion: “Dortmund can do that, but it’s too rare.”

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