The German Football League has submitted the long announced constitutional complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court in police costs with the state of Bremen.

This confirmed the DFL of the “German Press Agency”. The umbrella organization of the German professional football considers the relevant regulation of the Bremen Fee and Contribution Act unchanged for unconstitutional and the fees for illegal fees for illegal. Bremen is currently the only state that charges fees for police costs.

In November 2020, the Upper Administrative Court of Bremen had confirmed the legality of fees for police costs for so-called high-risk games.

Founding and development of the Federal Constitutional Court

Previously, in 2019, the Federal Administrative Court had explained the fee survey to the bottom for “in principle lawfully”. The Land Bremen had sent such fee sheath to the DFL, which had forwarded them to the current football second division. Werder were caused by costs in a six-digit height per part.

Bremen’s inside Senator Ulrich Mäurer criticized the course of the German football league in front of the highest instance. “The DFL attracts the legal question with this step unnecessarily in length and obviously tries to shape time for the ongoing nationwide debate,” said the SPD politician.

But you also see the procedure in front of the Federal Constitutional Court relaxed, “because the Federal Administrative Court has already confirmed us twice to act constitutionally,” emphasized Mäurer. He therefore demanded the DFL at a change of course.