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NHL: Draisaitls Oilers collect the next defeat

One day after the 2-3 defeat in the extension against the Colorado Avalanche there was a 3-5 on Tuesday evening (local time) a 3: 5 against the Dallas Stars for the team around international Leon Draisaitl.

The five preceding games in the NHL had won the team from Canada all and gives himself a decent position in the fight for the play-offs. Now Draisaitls 42. Saisontor for the meantime 2: 3 was too little for more points in the table.

Leon Draisaitl hanging out with Kane these days?????#nhl #shorts #hockey #oilers
Because pursuers Vegas Golden Knights lost 0: 4 against the Winnipeg Jets, changed at the distance between third and four in the Pacific Division but nothing. For the Oilers it was the first defeat of the season after a 1: 0 lead.

also loses support

Tim Supplement also lost 0: 3 against the New York Islander’s Ottawa Senators. The Canadians prove the penultimate place in the Atlantic Division.

Siege, however, celebrated Moritz Seider and goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer. Silker won with the Detroit Red Wings 6: 3 against the Philadelphia Flyers, Grubauer sat down with the Seattle Kraken 4: 2 against Arizona Coyotes. While Seattle is last the Pacific Division, Detroit is ranked five in the Atlantic Division.

Pokemon Go starts the SePokemonon of Alala: dates, new Pokemon and tropical challenge

The SePokémonon of Alala is already a reality in Pokémon Go . After a quarter of the hand of the legacy sePokémonon, the Niantic game for iOS and Android is dyed of seventh generation and does it Pokémon usual: announcing a huge deployment of content. Because it is much that is about to come; Not only the debut of the initials of the archipelago (Rowet, Litten and Poplio). Without further delay, we tell you everything you need to know about this new sePokémonon, including new special investigation of the island of Melemele and the Tropical Collection Challenge.

Date and welcome to the Alala sePokémonon

The Pokémon Go Alaco sePokémonon begins on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 10: 00 and will be available around the world * until June 1, 2022 at 20:00 (local time) * . Three months in which new wild pokémon discovered in the Alola region await us; The region that wPokémon presented to us in 2016 on the occPokémonion of the premiere of Pokémon Sol and Luna in Nintendo 3DS.

Special research of the Isle of Melemele

From March 1 and until next June 1, that is, throughout the Allland sePokémonon, Professor Willow entrusts us a new tPokémonk: complete different lines of research to know all the Alala Islands. If we finish all the lines of research before June 1, 2022, an additional special research line will be unlocked at the end of the sePokémonon. These are the unlocking dates of each line of the research:

  • March 1: Special investigation of the island of Melemele
  • March 22: To be determined.
  • April 12: to be determined.
  • May 10: to be determined.
  • May 25: to be determined.

Celebration event: Welcome to Alola!

Since Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 10:00 until next Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 8:00 pm (local time) , all Pokémon GO players can meet these Pokémon highlighted for the first Once in the game wild:

  • Rowlet (initial plant type plant)
  • Litten (initial yellow of fire type)
  • Poplio (initial water type water)
  • Pikipek.
  • Yungoos (Shiny can come out)
  • In addition, meetings of field research tPokémonks will give us Pokémon a reward guaranteed meetings with Pikipek and Yungoos.

Tropical collection challenge

If we complete the Tropical Collection Challenge During the indicated hours we will get the elite collector’s logo and we will win 7000 px and 15 ultra balls.

  • Rowlet
  • Poplio.
  • Pikipek.
  • Yungoos
  • Gumshoos

raids during the event Welcome to Alola!

Since Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 10:00 to Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 8:00 pm (Local Time) , these are the Pokémon available in the Pokémon Go raids:

New Gen 7 rare and starter evolution Litten, Lycanroc, Gumshoos, Toucannon, Incineroar and more!

  • Intersions of a star: Bellsprout, Snubbull, Phanpy, Electrike and Rockruff (all can go out Shiny).
  • Three-star raids: NidoQueen, Wigglytuff, Alala Graveler and Alala Raichu (can go out Shiny).
  • Five-star incursions: Tapu Koko.
  • MegaAncursions: Mega-Venusaur.

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