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LIVE! THW as a visitor: Large stage for Schmids last house game

Schmid, who involved the lions in 2010, just brought it to 4 hit-that was unnecessary that evening. I never didn’t care concerning a seven-goal defeat, said Schmid at the Sky microph1. I will take numerous minutes with me.

Berlin as well as SG Flensburg-Handewitt, which was shed to the Bergisches HC with 21:24, also play there.


Thanks went to Göppingen after the 33:33 (17:16) against TBV Lemgo Lippe. The Swabians hence safeguarded involvement in the European Organization too soon.

At the home celebration of celebrity director Andy Schmid, who leaves the Bundesliga after the season ending on Sunday with Meister SC Magdeburg after twelve years and also was embraced quickly prior to the last whistle by the 11,453 spectators and also all players on the parquet with applause Kiel, even without the damaged essential players Sander Sagosen as well as Hendrik Pekeler, no nudity.

After a balanced initial half, the THW drew away in the middle of the 2nd section under the eyes of national instructor Alfred Gislason. Area jogger Patrick Wiencek as well as best wing Niclas Ekberg were the very best shooters with 6 objectives each with the victor.

The table runners-up of the handball Bundesliga from Kiel won on Wednesday evening at the Rhein-Neckar Löwen with 33:26 (14:15) as well as therefore secured the ticket for the premier class prematurely since pursuers Füchse Berlin did not over one at the penultimate HBW Balingen-Weilstetten 23:23 (12:13) ventured out and therefore had 3 points behind Kiel before the last matchday.

SC Magdeburg not to be stopped

Six points ahead of five outstanding games: SC Magdeburg does not seem to stop on its way to its first German championship title since 2001. On Sunday, the sovereign Bundesliga heading leader gave the MT Melsungen no chance and presented himself at 33:26 (17:13) like the upcoming champion.

From the beginning, the team of coach Bennet Wiegert led and suffocated the hope of the competition for a slip in the bud. The SCM was quickly 8: 3 in front and the MT never left more denser than to four goals. The best Magdeburg goal scorer in a one -sided game was once more back room player Omar Ingi Magnusson with six goals. André Gomes and Kai Häfner each scored five goals for the guests.

Thanks to its current form, the SCM (54: 4 points) could be as a new champion on the third day of the match. Three victories are still necessary to finally distance the worst pursuers THW Kiel (48:10), SG Flensburg-Handewitt and Füchse Berlin (both 46:12). Next Thursday, Magdeburg will receive Liga-Lichtlicht TuS N-Lübbecke, then it goes to the eleventh HSV Hamburg, then at home against the current penultimate HBW Balingen-Weilstetten. So everything is arranged.

TBV collects Melsungen in the table

In the second Sunday game, TBV Lemgo Lippe defeated TVB Stuttgart with 33:30 (14:15). It was once again a tough work for the team of coach Florian Kehrmann, through the victory the TBV pushed past Melsungen with 30:30 points in ninth place. TBV left-left-wing Bjarki Mar Elisson was the most accurate with eight goals, for which Swabians scored Jerome Müller like Lemgos Tim Suton seven times.

SC Magdeburg – MT Melsungen 33:26 (17:13)

Tore for Magdeburg: O. I. Magnusson 6/3, O’Sullivan 5, M. Damgaard 4, Musche 4, Smits 4, Gullerud 2, Hornke 2, Ph. Weber 2, Bezjak 1, G. T. Kristjansson 1, Mertens 1, Saugstrup 1
Gates for Melsungen: A. Gomes 5, K. Häfner 5, Arnarsson 3, Kühn 3, Reichmann 3/3, Drosten 2, Kunkel 2, Allendorf 1, Hörr 1, Petersson 1
Referee: Christian vom Dorff (Kaarst)/Fabian vom Dorff (Kaarst)
viewer: 5606
Criminal minutes: – / 6
Disqualification: \ – / –

TBV Lemgo Lippe – TVB Stuttgart 33:30 (14:15)

Gates for the TBV: Elisson 8/2, Suton 7, Zerbe 6, G. Guardiola Villaplana 4, Hutecek 3, Schagen 3, Simak 2
Gates for Stuttgart : Jer. Müller 7, Hanusz 5, M. Häfner 4, Pfattheicher 4, V. Kristjansson 2/1, Nicolaus 2, Zieker 2, Peshevski 1, Pesic 1, Schulze 1, White 1
Referee: Julian Köppl (Darmstadt)/Denis Regner (Nieder-Olm)
viewer: 2364

Spielfrei Episode 1 - Bennet Wiegert
Criminal minutes: 4/8
Disqualification: \ – / –

Race for second place: Flensburg stays on his heels

Through a 31:26 (16:11) victory at TSV Hannover-Burgdorf, the Flensburg strengthened third place in the handball Bundesliga. The runner -up is 46:12 points just behind record champions THW Kiel (48:10) and can therefore continue to hope for participation in the Champions League. In addition, second place in the championship is entitled. The Foxes Berlin (44:12) also hope in second place.

“What was not a good thing is that we end up with the high leadership a little,” said DHB captain Johannes Golla at “Sky”. “Then we tore it around again, but this phase clouds the joy a bit. Such phases are annoying and cost unnecessarily.” The Dane Emil Jakobsen protruded with nine goals at the Flensburgers, and Golla also convinced with six goals.

Leaders SC Magdeburg (52: 4) had already taken the next step to win the title for 21 years with a 38:36 at HC Erlangen on Saturday.

The Rhein-Neckar Löwen prevailed against the Bergisches HSC, trained by their future coach Sebastian Hinze, with 24:22 and climbed in 8th place in the table.

In the relegation battle, TVB Stuttgart celebrated an eminently important 26:25 (10: 8) victory at the penultimate GWD Minden on Sunday. With 20:38 points, the Swabian cushion is already seven points.

In addition to Minden, the table-16 must also. HBW Balingen-Weilstetten After 29:32 (16:18) against TBV Lemgo Lippe and the bottom TuS N-Lübbecke, who was defeated by HSV Hamburg with 24:32 (13:15), further trembling.


12. Gameday

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf-SG Flensburg-Handewitt 26:31 (11:16)

** Tore TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Martinovic 5, Mävers 5/3, Böhm 4, Edvardsson 4, Brozovic 2, Feise 2, J. Hansen 2/1, Cehte 1, Pevnov 1
SG Flensburg-Handewitt: E. M. Jakobsen 9/2, Golla 6, Larsen 5, Svan 4, Gottfridsson 3, Einarsson 2, Hald 1, Johannessen 1
Referees: Tanja Kuttler (Meckenbeuren)/Maike Merz (Meckenbeuren)
viewer: 5512
Criminal minutes: 4/2
Disqualification: \ – / –

29. Gameday

Bundesliga Handball spiel FULL GAME SG Flensburg Handewitt - TVB 1898 Stuttgart 30 - 29

Rhein -Neckar Löwen – Bergischer HC 24:22 (13:11)

Tore Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Kohlbacher 9, Lagergren 5/1, Groetzki 3, Schmid 3, Kirkelökke 2, Helander 1, Knorr 1
Bergischer HC: Arnesson 6/2, D. Schmidt 5, Stutzke 4, Babak 2, Darj 2, Nikolaisen 2, A. Gunnarsson 1
Referee: Thomas Kern (Bellheim)/Thorsten Kuschel (Haßloch)
viewer: 5131
Criminal minutes: 6/6
Disqualification: \ – / –

GWD Minden – TVB Stuttgart 25:26 (8:10)

Tore GWD Minden: Pieczkowski 7, Darmoul 5, Jukic 4, Urban 4/1, Korte 2, Grebenc 1, Kranzmann 1, Meister 1
TVB Stuttgart: Hanusz 5, V. Kristjansson 5/2, Zieker 5, Pfattheicher 4, Nicolaus 3, Jer. Müller 2, M. Häfner 1, White 1
Referee: Adrian Kinzel (Bochum)/Sebastian Grobe (Bochum)
viewer: 1314
Criminal minutes: 10/6 Disqualification: – / –

HBW Balingen -Weilstetten – TBV Lemgo Lippe 29:32 (16:18)

Tore HBW Balingen-Weilstetten: Lipovina 12/3, Schoch 8, Heinzelmann 3, Nothdurft 2, Thomann 2, Beciri 1, Ingason 1
TBV Lemgo Lippe: Elisson 10/3, Schagen 5, Simak 4, Suton 4, Carlsbogard 3, Hutecek 3, Zerbe 3
Referee: Fabian Baumgart (retirement home)/Sascha Wild (Elgersweiher)
viewer: 2051
Criminal minutes: 8/4
Disqualification: \ – / –

HSV Hamburg – TuS N -Lübbecke 32:24 (15:13)

Tore HSV Hamburg: Mortensen 9/4, Bergemann 6, Weller 5, Theilinger 4, Bauer 3, Axmann 2, Wullenweber 2, M. Späth 1
TuS N-Lübbecke: Skroblien 5/3, Spohn 5, Mrakovcic 4, Baumgärtner 3, Strosack 3, Y. Dräger 2, Petrovsky 2
Referee: Andre Kolb (Augsburg)/Markus Kauth (Taufkirchen)
viewer: 3125
Criminal minutes: 8/8
Disqualification: Wullenweber (33.) / –

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