SMILEGATE has been developed on MMORPG “ LOST ARK ” that Amazon Games is responsible for publishing in Europe and the United States, and announcements that BAN have been BAN BAN BAN BAN has been made on the official news rice field.

While showing a big excitement with the start of Western service, this work was pointed out that a large amount of fraud account issues was pointed out. About the process that came to this large-scale BAN, the official is considered to be hard to work hard to establish an efficient tool and method for identifying BOT, and over 1 million in March 4 It is said that I ban the fraud account.

The development team says “It is only the first step of the process that will continue to continue from now on” for this large-scale BAN. And “We will continue to expand and remove the detection and removal from” Lost Ark “through” Lost Ark “through the extension of the anticheet tool and the improvement of the BOT identification method, and the removal of the removal” I appealed the attitude to keep fighting.

In addition, even though it was caught in this large-scale BAN, it was recognized by BOT, even though it was seriously playing this work, it also touches the possibility that there is a player who will receive BAN disposal, and in that case for objection We are also guiding you to contact.

“Lost Ark”, who has taken the first step to hold the leading account of the battle that has been repeated in every game, “LOST ARK”, which has taken the first step to hold the battle of the battle, can be played from the official member site.