Lebron James has set up a list of wish female players in a thought experiment, with it: his son Bronny and Stephen Curry. The Warriors star quickly referred this to the realm of the fables.

In the new edition of his talk show the shop, Lebron explained his son Bronny to “number 1” among the players, with whom he would like to run together on the NBA parquet. Similar statements had already made the Lakers star in the past, his last season in the Association he wants to complete at the side of his son, who is expected to come to the league in 2024.

Another wish player of Kings? “Stephen Curry. He’s the one with whom I would like to play together in today’s game. If he rises out of the car, then start to defend him better – immediately from the moment he arrives in the Arena,” brought The 37-year-old expresses its admiration for the best triangiers of the NBA history and triple champion with the Warriors.

LeBron chops it up on
Curry in the radio show 95.7 The Game’s Steusy and Guru on these statements but relatively cool: “Well, he has already received his wish. He is the captain in the All-Star Game, he chose me the last two times. I do not know if that is enough, but that’s enough for me. “

At the same time Curry also felt flattered: “If you are such interest from a types with MVP caliber – he is one of the best players of all time – you get together with you, then that’s great. But you can all in This fantasy world live. “

Lebron James: No game more in 2021/22?

So there will probably not be a merger of the two superstars. Curry is still under contract until 2026 in Golden State, Lebron’s contract with the Lakers is still running until 2023, then it becomes unrestricted free agent. In the current season, Curry creates average 25.5 points at one of its ratios below average three-tier ratio of 38.0 percent.

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Lebron still has opportunities in theory in theory (30.3 points on average), but would have to complete two games to qualify for it. According to Marc Stein, however, it is likely that the Lakers star is spared further after the final missing of the PostSeason.