The series of Kult Game Halo started on March 24th and since then new episodes will always come on Thursday. Who is curious about the series, just has the perfect opportunity to look in, because the Sky ticket for six months costs now only 4.99 euros per month (after six months 9.99 euros / month).

So you can not only look completely the first season Halo, but also a huge selection Sky originals and series from HBO. Among them is also House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones Prequel, which is broadcast from August. However, the offer is only valid today, on March 31st.

Look at Halo with the Sky Ticket for € 4.99 per month

It’s about the halo series

The series does not follow the same plot as the games, but a own plot in an alternative timeline. So it is also exciting for Halo fans who know the games already in and out, and can unfold by other self without influencing the existing story.

Nevertheless, of course, she also has something with the games together, because the Master Chief still plays the main role. Like the already well-known story, the new will take place in the 26th century, in which humanity has long left the earth, To explore space. In this case, it is conflict with an alliance of different alien breeds, called Covenant Alliance.

In his fight against the Alliance, the Master Chief finds a mysterious artifact that brings the plot to rolls.

Look at Halo with the Sky Ticket for € 4.99 per month

What else is there at Sky Ticket?

With Sky Entertainment you get numerous series of HBO and Peacock, as well as Sky Originals. Among them are Fantasy Giants like Game of Thrones and the Prequel House of the Dragon announced for August, exciting thrillers like Dexter: New Blood and popular classics like Dr. House.

In addition, you can still associate the Cinema package that you can watch more than 1,000 of the most popular movies, as well as current movies shortly after release.

Look at Halo with the Sky Ticket for € 4.99 per month

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