Joachim Löw - The Smell of Success

On Wednesday, Joachim Löw’s withdrawal announcement is a year ago. It is open whether the longtime national coach will train again at all – even if he was finally associated with Hertha BSC and even (jokingly) with FC Schalke 04.

It was just a joke, but no worse. “Welcome to Schalke!”, Wrote a Twitter user on Monday with great success, “Joachim Loew is the new chief trainer of the S04 and receives a contract until June 30, 2023.” The following link, simulated professionally, led to nowhere.

Joachim Löw on Schalke! In the 2nd league! That would have been the greatest coach sensation of German football history.

But: One year is on Wednesday the withdrawal announcement of the longtime national trainer – and did nothing since then.

Joachim Löw at Real Madrid and FC Barcelona traded

At first, the name Löw was still in the hat for every big draw. At Real Madrid he was traded as successor to Zinédine Zidane, or the FC Barcelona as heritage of Ronald Koeman.

It then did others, and anyway, it was questionable whether Löw, who knows the advantages of freedom, knew, would ever anticipate the stressful day-to-day business.

Nine months after the European Championship, public performances lions have become rare anyway. After emotional farewell interviews, the 62-year-old sought the calm, from which he had previously spoken. After all, at the end of the year, he said a few sentences who talk to him: “It was clear to me that I do not do anything in the first half year. Next year we will continue.”

No rescue mission at Hertha BSC, no change to Fenerbahce?

On football, Löw occasionally pulls further. It was not until the weekend he saw himself the victory of his ex-club VFB Stuttgart against Borussia Mönchengladbach (3: 2), sightings of the Stargastes are also handed down from Freiburg or Berlin.

Wait Löw until the right one comes? If he is rather Bundesliga coach, he takes over a national team – or he prefer to enjoy life? These questions remain open for the time being.

Finally, Löw reported in the gray coat in November, there was “a lot to handle after 15 years. That was not always so easy after such a long journey, I had to win.” Slowly, however, the joy of football is back, but this has not yet led to accept a new job in March.

It is to be assumed that the name Löw beyond the border even more tempting sounds than in Germany, where tactics and leadership of the national trainer were torn in several tournaments.

A rescue mission as at Hertha BSC, most recently brought by the “picture” newspaper, he will probably not be antun. Rumors about a commitment to Fenerbahce have not been solidified.