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NHL: Draisaitls Oilers collect the next defeat

One day after the 2-3 defeat in the extension against the Colorado Avalanche there was a 3-5 on Tuesday evening (local time) a 3: 5 against the Dallas Stars for the team around international Leon Draisaitl.

The five preceding games in the NHL had won the team from Canada all and gives himself a decent position in the fight for the play-offs. Now Draisaitls 42. Saisontor for the meantime 2: 3 was too little for more points in the table.

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Because pursuers Vegas Golden Knights lost 0: 4 against the Winnipeg Jets, changed at the distance between third and four in the Pacific Division but nothing. For the Oilers it was the first defeat of the season after a 1: 0 lead.

also loses support

Tim Supplement also lost 0: 3 against the New York Islander’s Ottawa Senators. The Canadians prove the penultimate place in the Atlantic Division.

Siege, however, celebrated Moritz Seider and goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer. Silker won with the Detroit Red Wings 6: 3 against the Philadelphia Flyers, Grubauer sat down with the Seattle Kraken 4: 2 against Arizona Coyotes. While Seattle is last the Pacific Division, Detroit is ranked five in the Atlantic Division.

Flick, Goretzka and prank choose Federal President

National coach Hansi Flick, football international Leon Goretzka and Freiburg coach Christian prank will decide on Sunday through the future Federal President.

The trio belongs to 1469 other members of the 17th Federal Assembly, which chooses the future officers. In addition to the previous counterholder Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Gerhard Trabert, Max Otte and Stefanie are building for election.

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“I am pleased that I can be there,” said prank on Thursday: “This is not a unimportant choice. I’m looking forward to the three hours. If I meet people personally there, of course, that’s great too. That’s a great one Great democratic act. That’s nice. “

Even from other international Leons, athletes are entitled to vote, such as the former spearwurf world champion Johannes Vetter and the two-time Paralympics winner Jana Majunke belong to the committee.

The Federal Assembly consists of the 736 members of the Bundestag and the same number of delegates from the countries. Flick and Vetters were appointed by the CDU of their federal states into the panel, Goretzka and Majunke from the SPD, prank from the Greens.

Celebrities from other sectors other than politics are no novelty, in the last election in 2017, for example, the then national coach Joachim Löw the Federal Assembly accepted.

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