If Monster Hunter, you can not miss the companion ‘Iu’ with hunting. It is also a strong partner who is working hard and harmoniously to hunting with armor and weapon in appearance. A mascot that represents the Monster Hunter series so that the spin-off title “Monson Il Il Il Il-il” appeared in the main character.

The “blanket” that can be seen by this is revealed. Capcom is a collaborative collaboration with Japan Gaming Furniture Brand Bauhutte (Bauhutte). It is made of Moto, which represents Monster Hunter, and it is like a large doll dress and pajamas.

Why you should never sleep with one leg outside the blanket

The biggest feature is that from the head to the toe, the ‘Iru’ feature was featured. In a large hood on a blanket, the eyari’s ears ran on both sides, and the ship is stuck on the ship, and the tail is also dependent. It also contains gloves that can cover the whole hand like a Izu, like an Izu that is not expressed, As soon as the headset is applied as a ‘gaming blanket’, it has a large hood enough to enter the head.

Monster Hunter X Bijolte Blanket is a reservation at Capcom official online shopping mall ‘E Capcom’ and is shipped sequentially from the end of February. The price is 1,9,910 yen (about 200,000 won), the size is M (key 155 ~ 165cm), L (key 165 ~ 175 cm), XL (key 175 to 185cm).