Mr. Stöger, where would you classify your short chapter in Hungary?

It may sound funny, but it was totally interesting and positive. It was a new league, I first worked in a club in which the club language is English. That worked well. We have achieved the objective with the entry into a European group phase and thus deserves a lot of coal. We were also in the league after the loss or the point cut front. Therefore, the separation was not only surprising for me, but also for observers. I would have wanted to change something in winter, maybe that did not fit the club chief. Maybe I was not strict enough for him what I’ve heard someday. But I went in the good.

In the last two, three decades, Hungarian football is a considerable piece of the Austrian. Now he seems to have caught up again?

In the infrastructure, a lot has happened. There are top stadiums and training conditions, yet I would weaken the league weaker than ours. Two, three clubs could play with us, competition to Salzburg but they would be n1. Ferencvaros itself is a well-led club with slender structures, but with expectation that is difficult to fulfill.

They start this day as an expert at Sky. Does not sound like you want to intervene somewhere in three weeks?

Exactly. There would have been some inquiries, but I have decided that I will not do anything before summer. I do not want to make the firefighter somewhere for three months. My activity at Sky starts on Monday in “Talk and Goals”, after that it goes with the games.

Now you could also see the Sky job as an ideal waiting item for team bushes…

A waiting item is definitely not. It was already called a few months ago somewhere that I am a team boss candidate. Since I called the Franco right now and told him that I’m not waiting for his job. I hope that in March he creates the qualification, which is heavy, but possible. I know that with everything I say to this topic, I saw oil into the fire. But I really have the hope that Franco does that. Then the question is unnecessary. He does not come as well in the rating as he would earn that. No question, he has a good team, but he also has a very good point cut. Since we have already experienced other times.

Better times have already experienced the Austria. Have you considered to join an investor group to help your Austria?

No. I have helped for two years to find investors. That was very exhausting and challenging to keep the Werkl on running. But that it would not be easy, it was already clear when asked me if I could help. If everything goes great, you will be asked in the fewest times. That I take over the coach job in the second year, was not planned. I helped save. That now an Austrian group has received the surcharge is a very good solution because many people with football expertise are there.

How do you like what Manfred Schmid and the young troupe have shown in the fall?

They make a decent job. Although they also benefit from the fact that clubs like Rapid or the LASK have remained behind the expectations, but they have to take advantage of it. Also, the positioning as Underdog did you get well. The fans go the way. It took a bit, but in recent years, we have already checked you that you have a nice stadium now, but there are many problems all around.

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You are surprised by the development of the boys?

At one time or another you have already seen that he can play Bundesliga. Braunöder and Huskovic have really developed well that Martel plays so stable, was to be expected anyway. He is outstanding not only for his age. We also strive for that at RB Leipzig. Alex bath has threaded that, but also his management and his father were very behind it that he gets game practice. That Leipzig no longer has a second team, we were very happy to meet.

will it be important to come to the top 6 or is the way of the qualifying round in the European Cup even the easier?

To come to the top 6, would be good for all areas. For the image, for the mood. It would be easier to spread positive mood in the investors. To reach the international business is not easy or there.

Heuer has not really weakened this year, but there is no second team that was so stable that she had remained in it.

Peter Stöger on the dominance of the leadership

The question of how it could come as far as the Austria would lead too far, but when they left the Austria after the championship title in 2013, they would have persecuted another path. You have pleaded to accept one or the other offer for the master chicken and develop young, hungry players.

Continuity already has something for himself, but I believe that you have to let people pull at the right time. Such a business model as Red Bull Salzburg operates very successfully. But with the move to the Champions League, the Austria has scrutinized that at that time. What happened after that was not optimal. The championship title was also a success of the collective and the unity. If you look at the team of then, no one has really gone through the ceiling. Sutti (Note: Suttner) did the biggest step, who was no longer the youngest. At Hosiner the disease was added. The others are not changed to larger clubs.

is foreseeable that there will be another champion as Red Bull Salzburg?

Normally it happens every few years. You just have to look to Germany. There are two, three clubs every year, which see as Bavaria Hunters. Nevertheless, there are now children who go into the third elementary school class and have never experienced another champion as the Bayern. It’s Salzburg with us. This will not change much if you continue to make more correct than wrong with your existing financial possibilities. With us there is at least the dot division that the clubs can hope.

How should one do it to dethron the Salzburg? How would you approach it?

Heavy. One would definitely have to have the means of putting together a team with which one can win against all others. We also remediously remedienced at our championship title against Salzburg and lost twice. We have brought the points for the title because we have beaten almost all other opponents at least three times and Salzburg has allowed himself against these clubs more Patzer. This year, Salzburg has not really weakened, but there is no second team that was so stable that she had remained on it. The WAC has started too weak, otherwise he could be closer to it. You definitely need an extraordinary year.

And another of your ex-clubs, Rapid?

I do not know exactly how well rapid is economical. What I already see is that the job of Zoki Barisic is not so easy. It is hardly possible to increase a departure adequately. In the European Cup you made it well that it does not look so good in the Bundesliga, is a question of stress.

Where should it go for you in summer? And will it be a coaching job or rather that of the sports director?

I dont know. I do not even know if something comes at all. In any case, the new task must have a charm. Something exciting, something new, maybe something well-doped. Best all three together. I have already done everything. Not because I’m so great, but because many different positions have been entrusted to many clubs. But I already see myself as a coach on the square.