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Dynamo Dresden | Capretti about missing self-confidence

The direct league preserves for Dynamo Dresden after the draw against Holstein Kiel in a distance, also because Sandhausen in the final phase of the FC St. Pauli a point exhaled. Above all, the Saxony lacked the KSV in the offensive to ideas. “It was simply noticed in the offensive actions that we did not struggle against self-confidence,” says SGD head coach Guerino Capretti, who still saw a performance increase of his team in the previous week, “We had a team in the square who has shown a completely different face. “

But some supporters of black and yellow after the final whistle apparently looked different: as the team ran to the curve to thank him, she was bad. From the point of view of the Dynamo Trainer, this is “totally comprehensible”, yet he found it “cool” that his players had made this situation.

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It has absolute priority that we now win a game again.

Guerino Capretti

Although the Dresdner is no longer in one’s own hand, Capreti does not want to think about different constellations, but focus on the next game. “It has absolute priority that we’ll win a game again now,” explained the 40-year-old with a view to the meanwhile 13 games Sachloss series of the Saxons.

VFL Wolfsburg Castels: There must be no fear there

With relegation battle he knows himself, in terms of relegation games he is even a true expert. Koen Castels prevailed in 2013 with the TSG Hoffenheim against the 1st FC Kaiserslautern, 2017 and 2018, the Belgian retained with the VfL Wolfsburg against Eintracht Braunschweig and Holstein Kiel the upper hand. For a fourth time, the keeper wants to go out of the way. With a victory against Arminia Bielefeld, the VFL can make a big step on Saturday. Castels do not want to talk about a final, but says, “It can mean a lot in the direction that we can stay in the first league.”

“I am pleased that I have no more pain”

Relegations Hinspiel VfL Wolfsburg vs Eintracht Braunschweig
The 29-year-old wants to actively support his team. The past four weeks and three games was the final person except battle, a violation of the Beckenkamm, as he reports, prepared greater problems than initially feared. On Wednesday, however, Castels represses the team training. “I am pleased that I have no more pain,” he says about two individual units in recent days. “There was no reaction.”

A reaction is expected to expect Managing Director Jörg Schmadtke (“I’m sure a learning process will occur”) on Saturday from his team, which at the 0: 3 in Augsburg has presented anything but BundesligaAly. How does VfL go to the next basement duel with Bielefeld? “There is no fear there,” Castels advises himself and his teammates. “Together we have to find a solution that no longer happens to us as in Augsburg this season.”

“The players know what they have to do”

Last Sunday, coach Florian Kohfeldt, meanwhile missed out of isolation, was missing due to Covid 19 infection, which was no reason for the desolate performance for the captain. “The players know what they have to do. That should not be an excuse for the game or performance. Behind it should not hide.”

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